Best Linda Ronstadt Songs

The Top Ten Best Linda Ronstadt Songs

1 Blue Bayou

The most perfect and most heart touching note in popular music.

I. Love. This. - Britgirl

2 Somewhere Out There
3 You're No Good
4 Willin’
5 When Will I Be Loved
6 Hurt So Bad
7 You Go to My Head
8 Someone to Watch Over Me
9 Easy for You to Say

Let's face it, breakup songs have been around for a long time and there are so many of them. But this piece of music is hauntingly beautiful yet powerful. Done with sensitive intent and maturity. Songs should make you feel something and some of the more recent artists should take lessons when trying to relate such feelings in a song with this subject matter. Not a dis song like so many others that touch the subject. Powerful true feelings related to the listener how a song should be. Linda does it excellent here.

10 Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

The Contenders

11 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
12 Heart Like a Wheel
13 Ooh Baby Baby
14 Different Drum

Long, long time, the best

15 Someone to Lay Down Beside Me
16 But Not for Me
17 Crazy He Calls Me
18 I Can’t Let Go
19 It’s So Easy

Good song with happy vibes...

20 Long, Long Time
21 Tracks of My Tears
22 Winter Light
23 Girls Talk
24 Mohammed’s Radio
25 Silver Threads and Golden Needles
26 How Do I Make You
27 It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
28 I've Got a Crush on You
29 Don’t Know Much
30 What's New?
31 Tell Him
32 That'll Be the Day
33 Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be?)
34 Get Closer
35 Dark End of the Street
36 Good - Bye
37 Am I Blue

With this song, Linda takes her place among all the top blues and jazz singers such as: Billie Holladay; Ella Fitzgerald, With the guidance of Nelson Riddle, she is at the top of her game.

38 Lion In the Winter

One of the best duets of ALL TIME!

39 Heat Wave
40 The Tattler
41 Tumbling Dice
42 Desperado
43 Sometimes You Just Can't Win
44 Adios
45 Love is a Rose
46 I Never Will Marry
47 Lo Siento Mi Vida
48 Love Has No Pride
49 All My Life
50 Back in the U.S.A.
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