Best Lindsay Lohan Songs

You can hate me for that but I really love her music, singing and voice.

The Top Ten Best Lindsay Lohan Songs

1 Rumors

Another superb track about dark side of fame. I really love the lyrics & video

You feel popular listening to this.

This is a really cool song of lyndsey. Why didn't she pursue her singing career. In this song she totally sounds like britney.

Best song I heard by lindsay
Its dam pop catchy
Must hear

2 Over

Best song of her. It has this really great melancholic meaning. This, Black Hole, Beautiful Life and Very Last Moment In Time are so deep.

I love this song sO MUCH! I'M DYING

3 Magnet

Love the rhythm and the lyrics. Crush is the word.

Reminds me old good years when I was at school

4 Speak

Very cool and so underrated song. Should've released as a single

Hi my name is Chris mark Upton Rees Lindsay Morgan Lohan's song is like from the legend of Zelda a link to the past like princess Zelda is calling out to link for help and link hears her voice I hear Lindsay Morgan Lohans song speak that's all I have to say think you

Nice song... I found the lyrics pretty nice :D

Poor Vocals.. Could have been better in Hilary Duff's voice..

5 Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)

Emotional, sad and so realistic song. Thank you Lindsay for this masterpiece

This is how I found out about Lindsay. But this song totally speaks to me

She can really yell!

6 I Live for the Day

Deserved much bigger promotion and original music video

7 Drama Queen (That Girl)

Very cool and catchy track

I love this song so much!

8 Bossy

This is my Favorite song by Lindsay Lohan. HOpe she Releases her Third Studio Album soon.

9 What are You Waiting For

Awesome - definitely one of her best

10 First

Haha Lilo was blonde while making this song. She looked like Britney Spears, Shakira and Jessica Simpson back then

The Contenders

11 Black Hole
12 Ultimate

Great song!

13 Very Last Moment in Time

Such a beautiful song. I miss those days that Lindsay was so creative and she did a bunch of great things. Now she does nothing, it's so sad because she had some serious potential and drugs ruined her life.

"You make me wanna live like it's the last moon rising. Scream just like no one's there."

This song has an actual meaning, not First.

14 Nobody 'Til You

best song

15 My Innocence

Lindsay's Best song my favorite. I can listen to this song everyday.

16 Can't Stop, Won't Stop
17 I Want You to Want Me
18 Walka Not a Talka
19 I Decide

This is a cool song of britney which was a part of princess diaries 2 soundtrack. This song has a great message

This is a cool song!

I agree. It's my favorite song of lilo

20 A Beautiful Life

This song has the perfect melody and meaning

21 If It's Alright

A great pop-rock song with a catchy chorus that will make you dance!

22 Edge of Seventeen
23 A Little More Personal
24 First - Lindsay Lohan
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