Greatest Long Rock Songs in History

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121 Delirium Cordia - Fantômas

All these songs on the list are good, but not that many are long. Bohemian Rhapsody is only 5 or 6 minutes. THIS song is long. 64 minutes. And it's amazing

122 Albuquerque - "Weird Al" Yankovic

This song is over eleven minutes long and may be the artist's best. It tells a long, amazing story and really rocks.

123 Hurricane - Bob Dylan

Raw spirited poetry in your face!

124 Atom Heart Mother - Pink Floyd
125 Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield

I don't know why this isn't in the top 100. This is a fantastic song!

It's 50 Minutes Long. - FredTheGooner

126 Silent Jealousy - X Japan
127 Father to Son - Queen
128 Speedway at Nazereth - Mark Knopler

You won't believe it. This song brings banjos, fiddles, violins, metal, electric, etc. Guitars with folk, gospel, and rock all in one package. I don't know how mark did it, but he hit the nail on the head with this one!

129 Purple Rain - Prince

Love it!

130 Twilight Alehouse - Genesis
131 Cortez the Killer - Neil Young
132 Might As Well Be On Mars - Alice Cooper

A criminally underrated song fron the granddaddy of shock rock himself.

133 Burn - Sevendust

A beautiful song that finds a delicate balance between anger and peacefulness before leading into the album's intense and pulse-pounding closing track, the self-titled "Alpha".

134 Walk Away - Sevendust

This song really shows the power this band can maintain when they have an extended running time to work with. A lot of their tracks are around 3-4 minutes in length normally, so this and "Burn" are their only two examples of extended tracks, which is disappointing to a certain extent because they really should have more songs than two that are over the 6 minute mark. This song is amazing and will keep you coming back for more.

135 And You and I - Yes

I am shocked that there is not a yes song on the list

136 For Those About to Rock - AC/DC
137 The Prisoner - Iron Maiden
138 Racecar - Periphery V 1 Comment
139 The Pusher - Steppenwolf
140 Roll Over Beethoven - Electric Light Orchestra

Another favorite of deejays on FM album rock stations when they needed a potty break.

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