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1 Hybrid Theory

Laugh out loud A thousand suns have 28%! Really?
" Mike Shinoda has stated that the band had looked through books for inspiration on how to present themselves for the first time. The result was a winged-soldier which Shinoda illustrated himself. According to Chester Bennington, the idea of the soldier with dragonfly wings was to describe the blending of hard and soft musical elements by the use of the jaded looks of the soldier and frail touches of the wings" ( Wikipedia )

A thousand suns the best cover? Yeah right! Hybrid theory is the best album also has the best album cover. Love the hybrid theory soldier

2 A Thousand Suns

What is it? I still have no idea what the cover is about and that's what I like about it, makes you think. I still think Meteora has the best cover though, should be number one.

Got this as the background on my iPod! Its hard to tell what it is, but it's awesome whatever it is... - louiscurlydunham

When turned sideways, looks like a mushroom, so that a nuclear explosion (the theme of the album) takes after burst. JUST AWESOME

The best album cover ever!

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3 Living Things

The cover looks epic, it shows chester with a fire burning inside him and revealing a new element of LINKIN PARK!

Simply epic! I can't see how A Thousand Suns beat this out, it's beautiful and doesn't edge away too far from their image.

4 Meteora
5 The Hunting Party

Very nice classic album cover

The archer is very cool =D

6 Minutes to Midnight
7 Reanimation
8 Live in Texas
9 One More Light
10 Hybrid Theory (EP)

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11 Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes
12 Collision Course
13 Recharged
14 Breaking the Habit
15 One Step Closer
16 Waiting for the End
17 Crawling
18 Numb
19 Underground X: Demos
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1. Reanimation
2. Live in Texas
3. Hybrid Theory
1. A Thousand Suns
2. Minutes to Midnight
3. Reanimation
1. Living Things
2. The Hunting Party
3. Hybrid Theory

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