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1 Hybrid Theory Hybrid Theory Product Image

Hybrid Theory is Linkin Park's best album, I'd even say by far if it weren't for Meteora. HT is my favorite album of all time and I can listen to it on repeat, for hours. I don't do that anymore but I used to in my teens and I never ever got bored. Meteora is globally less good, even though it's close to perfection, too.
I like their other albums as well but they're very different from what they used to do, it seems like Linkin Park have put more work into their first albums than they did in the lasts. But since they're as awesome as can be, all of their albums are still pretty amazing, with no exception to that rule.

Old school Linkin Park. Seems like that they have put much more work in this album than in Meteora, but Meteora is still great and rocks, nevertheless. EVERY song of this album is just awesome ( With You is my favorite haha ). The debut album is the best album in many artists' cases, and that's the case with Linkin Park too I think. It's not surprise this is their best selling album ( 25 million copies worldwide! ). Well, that's a number!

Their debut album is also their most successful. From songs like In The End to Crawling to Points of Authority to Pushing Me Away. When Linkin Park came out with this album a lot of us fell in love with the nu metal sound. I am pretty sure that one day Linkin Park will make another album like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Maybe as their final album they will do that. Just to bring good memories. Linkin Park forever!

Amazing and groundbreaking. Hybrid Theory and Korn's Follow the Leader album laid the ground work for all forms of nu metal and alternative rock to form into a world wide phenomenon. Hybrid Theory is one of those albums that most people could listen to for hours and even be able to listen to all the songs. In a way, Hybrid Theory is one of those rare perfect albums and is Linkin Parks best.

2 Meteora Meteora Product Image

Meteora was the first Linkin Park album I owned. It was my favorite thing to listen to back when I was a kid. It still is today. Meteora has been my favorite Linkin Park album since forever. And now this album is my most favorite album of all time. It also contains some of my most favorite songs of all time too. Like Lying From You, Nobody's Listening, Numb (Of course), Breaking The Habit, Faint, Easier To Run and my most favorite song of all time... Somewhere I Belong. Meteora I have to say is better than Hybrid Theory by just a little bit. All Linkin Park albums are great... Even A Thousand Suns but Meteora stands out the greatest.

It was tough to decide between Hybrid Theory or Meteora, genuinely. But the main reason I decided to pick their Sophomore album over their debut was because I love Meteora as a whole more than Hybrid Theory. Hybrid Theory had many amazing songs, as a fellow commenter pointed out, but Meteora had more good songs and made the album flow better and is very fast paced and always pumps me up. I love both albums but I lean towards Meteora just a tad bit more. Both are the best things Linkin Park put out in my opinion. Both have a high place in my top albums of all time. Highlights of the album for me are: The Whole Album! Really there is not one song from the album I cannot jam out too. My absolute favorite song from the album is Nobody's Listening!

Are you kidding me? How is Hybrid Theory above this?

Alright, I can answer that question myself. Because it's an amazing album. Songs like Papercut, In the End, Crawling and Points of Authority make HT truly a spectacular debut record.

However, when you put it up against Meteora, I just don't think it stands up. I love, repeat *love* every song on this album, and I think they matured their aggressive rock + hip-hop genre clash nearly flawlessly on this album.

Personal favorites would have to be Breaking the Habit, Nobody's Listening, Don't Stay and Hit the Floor.

I recently listened very carefully and critically to the hybrid theory and now I think it is a very immature album. I do recognise its value and thr fact that those songs were just the birth of nu metal, and I prefer those rough sounds to meteora's smooth angles. Despite of these bonuses, HT doesn't have a well-studied background in songwriting: good ideas, but too immature to be appreciated at the same high point through the years.
Meteora instead demonstrates a real evolution. It is more serious, compact and balanced. Meteora is not an album for loosers and is more serious for sure.

3 Minutes to Midnight Minutes to Midnight Product Image

Minutes is by far the most frequent album that I listen to by Linkin Park. It sums up their essence the best. With Wake, it shows their instrumental side without lyrics, which they have been known to do some of, but this is not the whole album like A Thousand Suns. Given Up is one of my favorites on the album. It expresses their harder post-hardcore side, but still in a controlled fashion instead of going wild screamo. They incorporate Mike in songs like Bleed it Out and Hands Held High, both fantastic songs, and Chester's voice is right on as well in Leave Out All the Rest, one of the slower songs on the LP. The first side is better than the second, but that the same with most albums. The hits come on the first side. Minutes has to get farther up, it's just an all around great album for them.

This should be number one! At least its not too electronically enhanced, like A Thousand Suns. Bleed It Out has the best rapping of any Linkin Park song! Even the calm songs are good! Shadow Of The Day is a pop-ish song, but Linkin Park still managed to do it right! In Pieces, In Between, Leave Out All The Rest, and The Little Things Give You Away are some of the best calmer songs by Linkin Park. Given Up has great lyrics, and its also very catchy! What I've Done is a great song for the lead single, but one part most of you might not hear is the intro that starts in Shadow Of The Day (its one of the best parts of What I've Done). It starts off calm in the intro then it transitions to What I've Done. One of the best "intro starting in the previous song"s I've heard by Linkin Park. Hands Held High has powerful lyrics, and the end part is the best (with hands held high into a sky so blue as the ocean opens up to swallow you). No More Sorrow sounds like something dark at the beginning ...more

Personally, I think Minutes to Mdnight perfectly encapsulates and sums up Linkin Park's kind of music. It's got songs like Given Up and Bleed it Out, complete with heavy guitars and ear-shredding screaming, but it also has melodic songs like Shadow of the Day and Leave Out All the Rest, which point towards Linkin Park's later albums, like the Hunting Party and One More Light. It's even got a Mike Shinoda rap single, Hands Held High, which is incredible. To top it off, Minutes to Midnight has What I've Done, which is a nice cross between new Linkin Park and Old.

I love this album but there are few hard tracks like qwerty, given up which changes its color. I like all the other songs. All the songs are amazing(mellow and alternative rock) except 2-3(hard rock). Unlike Meteora and The Hybrid Theory which has some songs you don't want to listen again and again. My favorite are - the little things give you away, Valentines Day, Hands held high, What I've done, Leave out all the rest, In between.

4 Living Things Living Things Product Image

This album has really good and unique sounds. Living Things has stood out since Meteora. It has really great song like my all time favorite Castle of Glass. The electronic sounds and heavy riffs make this a great album. It's not the greatest but it stands out the most kind of like A Thousand Suns. Living Things has proven that Linkin Park can change sounds and still be successful. Although I still wish the make another album like Hybrid Theory and Meteora it is still a very awesome album. This album is probably in my top 20 albums of all time.

It was so difficult to choose between The Hybrid Theory and Minutes to Midnight and this one. Of course The Hybrid Theory deserves top spot, it's a legendary album which started new genre and showed the world how good rap-rock/nu metal can be. But I'll go with this one as it has so many rock elements mixed together, creating a new exotic rock sound. I swear there isn't a single track in this album which I don't want to listen again unlike previous albums in which there are few tracks which are not good. All the tracks are good. All. From hard rock like Castle of glass to soft and unique kinda sound in Roads Untravelled. The music which LP experimented in The Thousand Suns(which wasn't that good) gave birth to a new rock sound in this album. 5/5 for this album.

I think Hybrid Theory is the best but I voted for Living Things because I think it's about even with Meteora in my opinion. There are so many good songs on this album, especially "Castle of Glass", "I'll be Gone", "Lost in the Echo" and "In my Remains". "Burn it Down" is also pretty good. I would say this is the most innovative/experimental LP album and it is just an intense, mesmerizing experience listening to it. Definitely check it out. Linkin Park is still great.

As somebody who came late to the Linkin Park party (MtM), and prefers my music a little less "hard" than some of LP's can be, especially in their early years, Living Things is the pinnacle of their achievements in my opinion. It has more songs I consider favorites than any other album, and has the perfect blend of harder and softer songs for my palate. Minutes to Midnight, A Thousand Suns, The Hunting Party, Meteora, and then Hybrid Theory round out my personal order.

5 A Thousand Suns A Thousand Suns Product Image

To be honest, this album made me appreciate Linkin Park again. I had started to get a bit bored of them, and then I heard A Thousand Suns the whole way through. It made me remember when I had just heard Linkin Park for the first time. I had some of their songs that I listened to again and again. From this album, I had Waiting For The End, The Catalyst and Iridescent, and, although I succumbed to peer pressure about how bad A Thousand Suns supposedly is and deleted it out with out fully appreciating it, hearing this album the whole way through for the first time, it brings back memories of those times.

I've been a fan since Hybrid Theory... I was 17; Now I'm 29 and I love every album LP has released since, but I must say that "A Thousand Suns, " was the largest artistic contribution they have offered. I could elaborate on how fantastic every other release was equally perfect for the time, however, "A Thousand Suns, " was the first (and only) time I had to really take time out to understand the construction of any of their albums. When it finally clicked as to what Chester and co. Were trying to accomplish, I fell in love. A beautiful montage of the euphoric and the raunchy, sadness and confidence, new sounds and an attempt at painting the same picture. This is their most sophisticated album in my opinion.

ATS is by FAR the best and most artistic LP album. The lyrics are by far the best. It's an ALBUM not just a collection of tracks. You have to hear it from the first track till the end in a row, without skipping, without any pauses. Those speeches and snippets are all connected because each track's end is the beginning of the next track. They completely give you the feel of nuclear apocalyptic atmosphere, 'A Thousand Suns' is the reference to the atomic bomb. Plus this album combines at least 5 genres. It even kinda narrates you the event that follows in each track which ends with an atomic bomb threat in the end.

I hate how people say this album sucks. It does not. This is very unique and experimental. Linkin Park did a wonderful job with this almost Masterpiece. I used to think this album was horrible but if you listen to it a lot you really get used to it and then you fall in love with it. A Thousand Suns contains great songs like Waiting For the End. I also say Blackout, Wretches and Kings and Burning In The Skies. The only one song on this album that I don't like as much is Robot Boy but it's not bad. So in conclusion... Stop hating on Linkin Park. They did a great job.

6 The Hunting Party The Hunting Party Product Image

Who the hell put The Hunting awesome Party to the 6th place? This album is. just. awesome! When I heard the singles for this album, I just stayed on the same place for next about two minutes until I loudly screamed - "Oh my god! This. Is. Amazingly awesome! " This album is, how I think, the best ever. Songs are heavy, melodic and powerful! It can took you out of depression almost immediately - just listen to War or Keys to the Kingdom. After I heard the singles, I immediately pre-ordered the album and couldn't wait for it. After I received it I heard it completely, because I couldn't stop listening to that master piece. Love you LP. Keep it UP!

Come on! You can't say 1000 suns is better than the hunting party. I am not saying hunting party is their best but definitely better than that electronic . When I first heard a 1000 suns I couldn't believe it was a Linkin Park album. Then after 4 years they returned to their hard rock music. Sure its mot as good as hybrid theory or meteora but at least Linkin Park is back. So according to me the best Linkin Park albums list is as follows:-
Hybrid theory
Minutes to midnight
The hunting party
Living things
A thousand suns...

This album promised the return of Linkin Park's older sounds, which it did, but also did something so much more than that. It provided songs and sounds I never even knew I wanted to hear. The Hunting Party proves that Linkin Park can turn its sound on a dime, going from a more electronic centered feel, to the most organic album they've ever made in less than a year since their single with Steve Aoiki. This album reminds us that they are not a one trick pony and still have the same spirit that they had in Hybrid Theory back in 2000. Keep it up LP.

The band is back & not only is the album amazing, but they stretch out in completely different directions & they join forces with other artists. The songs are nice & soft, but yet stunning such as Final Masquerade & Until It's Gone. The best song in my opinion though is Keys To The Kingdom. It starts of a bit like a song from A Thousand Suns, with a bit of epicness added to it with mixes of screaming & more epicness. I think this album surpasses the other albums for the first time since the beginning of the greatest band LINKIN PARK!

7 Reanimation Reanimation Product Image

This album should be higher. Definitely. The reasons I say this is because how they made there songs a lot better than they were originally. For example "KRWLING" which is the remix of crawling. How they changed this song is almost unbelievable. every time I hear this remix, I get goosebumps and feel several emotions. How they made it so more emotional and meaningful than it originally was. Like for most of these tracks, they changed them so much, adding different styles, and lyrics. Which made this album so unique, to a lot of remix albums. This album should be higher, not the top. But a close 4th or 3rd

Reanimation was one of their best albums. Sure it can't reach the fame as Hybrid Theory or Meteora but it still is one of their best collaboration/remix albums. I know most of the people are just 'fanboys' who think Linkin Park needs to go back are not including Reanimation, I mean come ON, this is at least #3 of their best albums guys.

Much, much better that A Thousand Suns. I mean come on! A Thousand Suns put me to sleep. Either the songs are weird and exaggerated, or have the same technophobic pattern. That album is BORING. This one is not. A very, very underrated album.

The remixes fit in perfect with the real songs. Linkin Park and the guest rappers plus the sound effects turn each song into something new and spontaneous. Easily their third best album after Hybrid Theory and Meteora!

8 One More Light One More Light Product Image

Probably My favorite hybrid theory and another example of the fact that people hate change. The only difference between this album and Albums like meteora is that when the chorus comes their isn't a huge guitar riff, instead it is replaced by something digital is and more melodic although it is just as loud/heavy.

Now, I've never understood the hate! I loved it since release and it really hurt so many people resented this record. This is an awesome album. If you've looked across, you know my favs are Meteora and ATS but this is still very good. Lyrics from Nobody Can Save Me, One More Light and Sharp Edges are some of the deepest ever. Please give the album another shot. It's worth it.

People should have given this album another chance. Look at what their critisicm, combined with severe depression and his late friend Chris Cornell's death that caused Chester to do to himself. Too bad most people didn't know how depressed he was up until then.

I'm voting for this to at least be in 7th - 6th. Its not LP's best work, but it does have some of its most emotional catalogs the band has to offer. The title track is really one of their greatest efforts to date. Quite overhated to be honest.

9 Hybrid Theory (EP) Hybrid Theory (EP) Product Image

Not many people know this album even exist. This album was made back when linkin park wasn't called linkin park. Songs like step up with Mike shinoda's rapping is my personal favourite

Carousel and And One are amazing and should be on a later album.

There is not a single song from this EP I don't love.

This hybrid theory and meteora should be what linkin park should do

10 Songs From The Underground Songs From The Underground Product Image

Songs like Qwerty, Across The Line, Pretend To Be, and "And One". These songs are only rare, which only Linkin Park fans know these songs.

My favorite song is Pretend To Be. I love this song. It's beautiful and it almost makes me want to cry.

I love across the line

Qwerty is great

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11 Collision Course Collision Course Product Image

How under rated this is album is..
I can't Blame if all Linkin Park songs are good but this album deserves
Just go and listen to Dirt Off your shoulders and 99 problems
And then try to rate, so underrated

This deserves 6th place. It's a main album, but it's still incredible

12 Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes Product Image

They played at milton keynes?

13 Live in Texas Live in Texas Product Image

I personally believe that all the songs in this album are the best ones put out by them. Most bands suck at live performances but Linkin Park really pulled through with this one and besides the interaction with the crowd it sounds like studio quality. And to reiterate all the songs are their top songs except maybe "pushing me away".

Some great songs on this, unlike the more recent studio albums

In my opinion one of the best live performances and Chester had an awesome look

14 Xero

This was before Chester joined and this was just a demo album of 4 songs recorded at Mike's house, but despite that, I actually kind of liked it.

15 Underground - 9 Demos

Very too much good it and best album all time it.

16 One More Light Live One More Light Live Product Image
17 A Decade Underground

Nice one. Greatest Band made this album. Very too much nice album every time.

18 Underground XIII
19 Underground 4.0

Best and good album it. I just like this album songs.

I love this album. Very too much good album it.

Best band and best album it.

Rap metal album it.

21 Underground 8 (MMM...COOKIES: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!)

Hilarious, everybody must to listen to this album laugh out loud

22 Underground X

Pretend to be is good, Pale is good, What We Don't Know is good
Album is good!

23 Lpu9: Demos Lpu9: Demos Product Image
24 Underground XI Underground XI Product Image
25 Underground 6
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