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1 Meteora

Meteora was the first Linkin Park album I owned. It was my favorite thing to listen to back when I was a kid. It still is today. Meteora has been my favorite Linkin Park album since forever. And now this album is my most favorite album of all time. It also contains some of my most favorite songs of all time too. Like Lying From You, Nobody's Listening, Numb (Of course), Breaking The Habit, Faint, Easier To Run and my most favorite song of all time... Somewhere I Belong. Meteora I have to say is better than Hybrid Theory by just a little bit. All Linkin Park albums are great... Even A Thousand Suns but Meteora stands out the greatest.

It's one of the best albums I have ever heard for a long time! It has lots of unique songs and the lyrics are the BEST! Truly amazing work!

Meteora is amazing. I mostly like it because it has my favorite linkin park song of all time:Faint. It also has other really good songs like "Don't Stay", "nobody's listening", Hit The Floor", and "Lying From You". I also like it because it's Linkin Park. Meteora is what Linkin Park should be. If there is another album by them that's just like it( I'v only listened to all of Hybrid Theory, All of meteora, and then one more light the song) I would be happy. and I know all the lyrics for Faint, Breaking the Habit, Don't stay, and I'm doing pretty good with the other songs of meteora.

Better than Hybrid Theory - Camaro6

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2 Hybrid Theory

Hybrid Theory and Meteora are both spectacular albums but I think that Hybrid Theory should be number one. This has better songs that Meteora and is their debut album. You can't get any better than this album.

I think people are getting a bit carried away here. Hybrid Theory is still their best album, Meteora is close but it's not better. Get this back to the top where it belongs.

Hybrid Theory is Linkin Park's best album, I'd even say by far if it weren't for Meteora. HT is my favorite album of all time and I can listen to it on repeat, for hours. I don't do that anymore but I used to in my teens and I never ever got bored. Meteora is globally less good, even though it's close to perfection, too.
I like their other albums as well but they're very different from what they used to do, it seems like Linkin Park have put more work into their first albums than they did in the lasts. But since they're as awesome as can be, all of their albums are still pretty amazing, with no exception to that rule.

It has a very mind blowing story that is just like a life of a depressed guy through school. I love it. - LightningStrike

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3 Minutes to Midnight

Minutes to Midnight is a amazing album due to the overall theme of the songs. All the songs represent something. The songs represent either the loss of our planet is the coming of Doomsday(Shadow of the Day, What I've done, Hands held high, Given up, Little things give you away) as well as a doom to love with Valentines day, In pieces, in between, and no more sorrows.

Minutes is by far the most frequent album that I listen to by Linkin Park. It sums up their essence the best. With Wake, it shows their instrumental side without lyrics, which they have been known to do some of, but this is not the whole album like A Thousand Suns. Given Up is one of my favorites on the album. It expresses their harder post-hardcore side, but still in a controlled fashion instead of going wild screamo. They incorporate Mike in songs like Bleed it Out and Hands Held High, both fantastic songs, and Chester's voice is right on as well in Leave Out All the Rest, one of the slower songs on the LP. The first side is better than the second, but that the same with most albums. The hits come on the first side. Minutes has to get farther up, it's just an all around great album for them.

Pretty good - Camaro6

I think that Minutes to Midnight should be third, mainly because it has some great songs like Given Up, What I've Done, and No More Sorrow, and some songs from Living Things have too much "artificial sounds", but I have to admit that Lost In The Echo, Castle of Glass, and Victimized are pretty good.

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4 A Thousand Suns

I do not see why this album gets so much hate. It has a lot of good songs, some of which I can rank 5 stars (or Suns ;) Ohhoh, that was bad) out of 5. Besides Minutes To Midnight, it is one of the albums with the most diversity when it comes to style. It has Nu-Metal, it has Rap-Rock, it has that cross between Rock/Metal and techno. Wretches And Kings and When They Come For Me are very much like Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Again, some great songs like When They Come For Me, Wretches And Kings, The Catalyst, Burning In The Skies, Iridescent, Waiting For The End and I personally love Blackout (possibly because Chester actually says the line "F*** It! Are You Listening". Personally, this is my second favourite Linkin Park album, just barely beating out Hybrid Theory (even though my first and second favourite Linkin Park songs are One Step Closer and Papercut respectively) however it is still far behind the worthy-of-worship Meteora. God damn! Meteora is just one giant eargasm.

That album is way too much underrated, and I don't get it at all, every song is incredible and even though I love all the other albums, this one is number one for me

I've been a fan since Hybrid Theory... I was 17; Now I'm 29 and I love every album LP has released since, but I must say that "A Thousand Suns, " was the largest artistic contribution they have offered. I could elaborate on how fantastic every other release was equally perfect for the time, however, "A Thousand Suns, " was the first (and only) time I had to really take time out to understand the construction of any of their albums. When it finally clicked as to what Chester and co. Were trying to accomplish, I fell in love. A beautiful montage of the euphoric and the raunchy, sadness and confidence, new sounds and an attempt at painting the same picture. This is their most sophisticated album in my opinion.

Very underrated. I think this whole list (the top 5 that is) are almost totally resversed. My list would be 1)A Thousand Suns 2) Minutes to Midnight 3)Living Things 4)Meteora 5)Hybrid Theory. Though it may be hard to get into and appreciate the first time you listen to it, I am sure most LP fans will recognize this as one of their best if they give it a chance. Great political undertones, cool snippets of music between songs such as the Requiem and The Radiance, so many different styles (from the Middle Eastern rap-rock "When They Come for Me" to the reggae-ballad "Waiting for the End" to the piano-metal of "Blackout and the fierce electronic "The Catalyst"). This album has it all. Do yourself a favor and give it a chance.

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5 Living Things

Yes the previous comment is true and the many tracks have been launched so I am very very happy on 17 june 2012 now I'm downloading its songs from youtube I'm feeling very very fun
I also feel that it will the best album 2o12 so I'm waiting for june 26 for its all songs and to buy these album living things

Heard their first two singles and I am already excited for the album to come out, obviously going to be one of their best albums yet!

I feel that they have progressed a lot, making their songs better and better every time, my favourite song from LIVING THINGS is Lost In The Echo

This album has really good and unique sounds. Living Things has stood out since Meteora. It has really great song like my all time favorite Castle of Glass. The electronic sounds and heavy riffs make this a great album. It's not the greatest but it stands out the most kind of like A Thousand Suns. Living Things has proven that Linkin Park can change sounds and still be successful. Although I still wish the make another album like Hybrid Theory and Meteora it is still a very awesome album. This album is probably in my top 20 albums of all time.

Dang! I am not going to say this is the best album since Meteora, because it's the best album they've ever put out in my mind. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are both excellent and innovative, but this... This is so deep and so intense... I love it. Best album of 2012 right here.

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6 The Hunting Party

It's an amazing album with some of Linkin park's best songs! - Peppapigsucks

Definitely gives LP a new sound. - Camaro6

Who the hell put The Hunting awesome Party to the 6th place? This album is. just. awesome! When I heard the singles for this album, I just stayed on the same place for next about two minutes until I loudly screamed - "Oh my god! This. Is. Amazingly awesome! " This album is, how I think, the best ever. Songs are heavy, melodic and powerful! It can took you out of depression almost immediately - just listen to War or Keys to the Kingdom. After I heard the singles, I immediately pre-ordered the album and couldn't wait for it. After I received it I heard it completely, because I couldn't stop listening to that master piece. Love you LP. Keep it UP!

So what?

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7 Reanimation

I love every song on this album - Angry945

The remixes fit in perfect with the real songs. Linkin Park and the guest rappers plus the sound effects turn each song into something new and spontaneous. Easily their third best album after Hybrid Theory and Meteora!

Much, much better that A Thousand Suns. I mean come on! A Thousand Suns put me to sleep. Either the songs are weird and exaggerated, or have the same technophobic pattern. That album is BORING. This one is not. A very, very underrated album.

Reanimation was one of their best albums. Sure it can't reach the fame as Hybrid Theory or Meteora but it still is one of their best collaboration/remix albums. I know most of the people are just 'fanboys' who think Linkin Park needs to go back are not including Reanimation, I mean come ON, this is at least #3 of their best albums guys.

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8 Hybrid Theory (EP)

Not many people know this album even exist. This album was made back when linkin park wasn't called linkin park. Songs like step up with Mike shinoda's rapping is my personal favourite

I personally think this is better than most studio albums/:

This hybrid theory and meteora should be what linkin park should do

There is not a single song from this EP I don't love. - CabadePartyhunter

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9 Songs From The Underground

My favorite song is Pretend To Be. I love this song. It's beautiful and it almost makes me want to cry.

Good lyrics and best song album it

Songs like Qwerty, Across The Line, Pretend To Be, and "And One". These songs are only rare, which only Linkin Park fans know these songs.

I love across the line

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10 Collision Course

How under rated this is album is..
I can't Blame if all Linkin Park songs are good but this album deserves
Just go and listen to Dirt Off your shoulders and 99 problems
And then try to rate, so underrated - shouryat2b

This deserves 6th place. Its a main album, but it's still incredible

Better than most of the stuff in this list at least

Dis album is corny

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11 Road To Revolution Live At Milton Keynes

So awesome album, I have more video Linkin Park in my youtobee, so awesome and suck. My favorite album. - Jhosen_cool

Proof that they sound even better live. :) Great songs.

They played at milton keynes?

12 Live in Texas

I personally believe that all the songs in this album are the best ones put out by them. Most bands suck at live performances but Linkin Park really pulled through with this one and besides the interaction with the crowd it sounds like studio quality. And to reiterate all the songs are their top songs except maybe "pushing me away".

they sound so great when they're rocking it live! - yuni

Some great songs on this, unlike the more recent studio albums

In my opinion one of the best live performances and Chester had an awesome look

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13 One More Light

1.Hybird Theory
3.One More Light
4.Minutes To Midnight
5.Living Things
6.The Hunting Party
7.A Thousand Suns
8.Road To Revolution
9.One More Light Live
10.Live In Texas

Probably My favorite hybrid theory and another example of the fact that people hate change. The only difference between this album and Albums like meteora is that when the chorus comes their isn't a huge guitar riff, instead it is replaced by something digital is and more melodic although it is just as loud/heavy. - PewPewAssassin

This album will gain a lot of popularity in some time. It released a few days ago but is already my fourth favorite album

I love all the songs in this album. Although Chester died all his songs will be remembered. The reason I like this album is cause they have my favorite category of music, Pop.

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14 Xero

Nice one

This was before Chester joined and this was just a demo album of 4 songs recorded at Mike’s house, but despite that, I actually kind of liked it. - 3DG20

15 Underground - 9 Demos

Very too much good it and best album all time it.

16 A Decade Underground

Nice one. Greatest Band made this album. Very too much nice album every time.

17 One More Light Live
18 Underground XIII

Nice lyrics and songs.this album Very too much Great.

20 Underground 4.0

I love this album. Very too much good album it.

Best and good album it. I just like this album songs.

Greatest job

Best band and best album it.

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21 Underground 8 (MMM...COOKIES: Sweet Hamster Like Jewels from America!)

This album = mad hilarious - wrests

Hilarious, everybody must to listen to this album laugh out loud

This album is literally the EPICEST THING IN EVER.

22 Underground X

Pretend to be is good, Pale is good, What We Don't Know is good
Album is good!

23 Underground XI
24 Underground 2.0
25 Under Attack (B-Sides)
26 Meteora - Live Around the World

Released : June 5,2012.
Recorded : 2007-2011.

27 8-Bit Rebellion!
28 Recharged

A great new song and several great remixes. This album deservers way better!

LIVING THINGS remix album!

WHY IS THIS IN LAST PLACE! It deserves higher than those Underground Albums...

Its not out yet but its gonna reck

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29 Underground XV
30 Hybrid Theory (Live Around the World)
31 Studio Collection 2000-2012
32 Download to Donate for Haiti V2.0
33 Underground Sixteen
34 Live from SoHo
35 Underground 5.0
36 Underground 3.0
37 Download to Donate: Tsunami Relief
38 Mall
39 Stagelight Demos Ep
40 Underground v7.0
41 Underground 6
42 2011 North American Tour
43 LP Hex Enamel Pin - White
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