Linkin Park's Albums, From Worst To Best Part 1: LIVING THINGS

Linkin Park's albums, from worst to best #1: LIVING THINGS

Hey, everyone, it's me, Nik Brusk! Today, I will be ranking Linkin Park's album from worst to best, in a track by track review. Linkin Park is one of my favorite rock bands of all time, I've known them ever since What I've Done was released and shown in the trailer for the first Transformers movie. I'm one of the few LP fans that don't mind their change from aggressive metal to soft rock and electronic. There are some really good songs from their post Meteora albums.

Anyway, let's review the albums!

This is the first post. It will cover Linkin Park's Worst album.


This album has a heavy use of electronics. I wouldn't mind that as long as they used real instruments like guitars and drums, they did it before and it was pretty good. One problem: some of the songs that use electronics rely on them too much. Because of this, there is very little use of guitars and drums. But that's just nitpicking. But the reason why this is LP's worst album?

iTunes claimed that Linkin Park was "returning to their roots" with this album.

No, no, no, no, NO!

That alone made this Linkin Park's worst album. There is no excuse for them to use electronics and for iTunes to lie by saying they are going back to the Hybrid Theory ways. Normally I wouldn't care if an LP album doesn't sound like Hybrid Theory or Meteora (Minutes To Midnight ditched the sound and it was still great), but iTunes claimed that LIVING THINGS was a return to their roots. Naturally, I expected something awesome, something rockish, something to headbang to. Did I get that with LIVING THINGS? Hahahahahaha!!! Heck no.
And for some dumb reason, the album and song titles are all caps, and ever since this album's release, Linkin Park's name was all caps. Why? Was it to look cool?

Whatever, let's just get to the reason why this album is the disappointment it was.

Track 1: Lost In The Echo

This song actually does make it seem like LP is returning to their roots. The guitar is heavy, Mike's rapping is great, and Chester's screams are ear piercing (in a good way). This song is a great way to start an album that claims that its returning to its roots. There is a huge hard rock feel to this song, it excites me. All in all, a great song, and an amazing start to a "returning to their roots" album. The rest of the album is like this, right? Right?

Track 2: In My Remains

In My Remains starts the soon to be frequent trend of usage of electronics in this album. Sadly, unlike Lost In The Echo, it isn't that great of a song. The beginning electronic sounds sound like jumbled noise anyone could've made, and the guitar sounds generic. The lyrics aren't too bad, they are catchy, but the instruments, or lack their of, don't really fit. The only decent part of the song is Mike and company's lines "Like an army, falling, one by one by one". It sounds inspirational, and makes me put my fist in the air! But it's too little, too late. This song could've been good, but the generic instrumentation makes it hard to enjoy it.

Track 3: Burn It Down

I'd never thought I'd have to say this to a Linkin Park song, but, this song is awful. Just absolutely terrible.

This was the album's first single, and the song the iTunes description promised to be like Hybrid Theory. Here's the description:

"The first single, 'BURN IT DOWN', gives a hint with expansive guitar, shouted choruses, a rap from Mike Shinoda, and Chester Bennington's naked vulnerability encased in a throat shredding howl. LP fans craving the chemistry of Hybrid Theory and Meteora should immediately take to LIVING THINGS."


What expansive guitar?! What shouted choruses?! What throat shredding howl?! Needless to say, Burn It Down has none of that. Instead, it has cheap electronics, not very noticeable guitar, and Chester doesn't shout or scream at all in the song. As for the lyrics, they're about burning something down for some reason, I don't know. Like In My Remains, the only semi decent part about this song is Mike's rap, and it doesn't last very long. To make a long story short, this is a crappy song and it doesn't at all represent what the description says it does.

Track 4: Lies Greed Misery

Oh goodie, another electronic song. I tried to hate it, but surprisingly, it's not that bad. Mike's rapping is pretty catchy and the beat sounds like a typical dance party beat. I'm not going to be too hard on this song, since it wasn't pushed as being a return to Hard Rock (I.E Burn It Down). And, it actually has Chester scream. And it's amazing! Chester's throat shredding scream of "YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF" really gets my blood pumping, it gets me hyped. But unfortunately, it doesn't last long. The song's length is only 2 minutes and 27 seconds. And that won't be the last time a song will be so short.

Track 5: I'll Be Gone

Honestly, the album could've gone without this song. I tried to like it, but I can't. It's a typical song about how someone will be gone and won't return, been here, done that. This song just feels like generic filler. Too bad there's no rap by Mike to save this one.

Track 6: Castle of Glass

Just when nearly All Hope Is Gone, LIVING THINGS gets good. This song is beautiful, the lyrics are about being a small crack in a supposed Castle of Glass, which sounds weird, I know. But the instrumental really shines here. The pianos are melodic and gives the song a huge atmosphere, making it sound like it was from a suspense movie. Overall, it's amazing, and it's definitely worth a listen.

Track 7: Victimized

Yeah! This is what I'm talking about! This song is very angry and energetic, Chester's screams make my heart race, and Mike's rapping pumps my blood! This is what the iTunes description meant when it said LP was returning to their roots! This feels just like the Hybrid Theory and Meteora days! I can headbang all day to this song!

But, there's one problem. ONE major flaw that ruins the song. Its length. This song is only 1 minute and 48 seconds.

WHY?! Why is this song so short? It's about the length of an interlude! The Requiem from A Thousand Suns is longer than this song! This is such a stupid decision to make. You make one song that actually does sound like your returning to your roots, and you make it as short as a TV commercial! The song isn't bad, but it doesn't get a chance to shine since it's gone within a blink of an eye. That really sucks, since this could've made an amazing single if it was longer.

Track 8: Roads Untraveled

This song is beautiful. The tinking of a bell is relaxing, the singing is melodic, and there's actually guitar and no electronics! The lyrics are about not knowing what you could've been (which is ironic considering the last song). It's a great message. But unfortunately, like Victimized, it's pretty short. Not the runtime, but the lyrics. There aren't too many lyrics, and most of them are just Mike and Chester saying "Woah". There's no chorus either. Come on, even Victimized has a chorus!

Track 9: Skin To Bone

Return to the electronics. I honestly can't decide if the song is good or bad. I dislike the fact that it's short, it uses "Ahhh" as a part of the chorus, and the beat is bizarre, but the lyrics and meaning behind the song make me like it for some reason. Meh, it's a guilty pleasure.

Track 10: Until It Breaks

This is Mike's time to shine here. His raps are great, and the beat makes it feel Fort Minor-ish. Chester's part is short, but it's still pretty good. One thing that's interesting about this song is that Brad Delson, the guitarist, sings in this song near the end, and I have to say, he needs to sing more often. His singing is very melodic, I love it.

Track 11: Tinfoil

Ooh, an interlude. It's pretty good, it builds an atmosphere towards the last song.

Track 12: Powerless

What is the perfect way to end an album? With a song like this. It is very atmospheric, Chester's singing is at its best, the piano is beautiful, and the lyrics are touching. The song is about losing a relationship and how he gave everything the other person didn't and how he is now Powerless. This song is amazing, and a great way to end this album.

So, that's my review of LIVING THINGS by Linkin Park. What did I think of it?

It was a mediocre and disappointing album that was bombarded with electronics. The worst part, like I said, is that it was marketed as a return to Linkin Park's roots. This album is FAR away from being comparable to Hybrid Theory and Meteora. It got better halfway, but the short runtimes and lack of lyrics don't save the album from getting a failing grade.

Best Songs: Lost In The Echo, Castle of Glass, Victimized, Roads Untraveled, Until It Breaks, and Powerless

Mediocre Songs: In My Remains, Lies Greed Misery, and Skin To Bone.

Worst Songs: Burn It Down and I'll Be Gone.

Final Rating: 5/10

That's my review. Hope you enjoyed it! If you like this album, that's awesome. It's just my opinion. What do you think of this album? Tell me in the comments below!

Anyway, this is Nik Brusk, signing out. Up next is a full review of Linkin Park's second worst album, A Thousand Suns. Get ready for loads of interludes and electronics.


I'd honestly think that this album is better than A Thousand Suns. Plus Burn it Down and I'll Be Gone are pretty good songs, just not their best. - visitor

The main reason why I think LIVING THINGS is worse is because it was advertised as being a return to Linkin Park's roots when it actually wasn't. I respect your opinion though. - visitor

I agree for the most part, but track 3.

While I do despise Burn It Down entirely, I think you missed something. The chorus is a screamfest, but that is the reason why it is terrible. But yeah. The chorus is insufferable, the beat is uninspired fuzz, Mike's rap is too short and his flow is egregious, and the lyrics are meaningless.

Great review by the way. - WonkeyDude98

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the review! - visitor

I hate the part when Mike's rap gets short as you said. - visitor

The review is great and true. Burn It Down IS the worst song of LP. Mike's rap are great and Chester's hasn't any flaws as well...Its rightly pointed out that the heavy electronic trashed the album... - visitor