Bored Album Reviews 1: Minutes to Midnight - Linkin Park

DISCLAIMER: This is my opinion so please don't overreact it and take what I say with a grain of salt alright? Now with that out of the way let's get started. This is partially inspired by Christangrant's review series and NikBrusk's Linkin Park series. I'm not trying to rip off either series and I respect both people.
Minutes to Midnight, is the third studio album by American Rock band Linkin Park. It was released on May 14, 2007. The main singles from this album are: Bleed It Out, Given Up, What I've Done, Leave Out All The Rest and Shadow of the Day. I'll be focusing on just the singles but the entire album as a whole. Does have any it merit or weight to it? Well in order to find out let's started off with the first track.
Track 1. Wake: This is a instrumental but a good start to the album. Sure it's kind of filler compared to the rest of the album but I don't mind instrumentals in Linkin Park albums. Meteora had two instrumentals and Hybrid Theory had one both of those albums came before this. Overall it's a decent instrumental but not the best of this album. Overall 7/10.
Track 2. Given Up: One of the only three aggressive songs from this album. It's known for the epic seventeen second scream that Chester was able to perform three times live. The guitar riffs are pretty solid and fit with Chester's aggressive vocals. It's a pretty enjoyable and great track. Overall 10/10.
Track 3. Leave Out All The Rest: This song is probably the most depressing song on the entire album. I like the lyrics and Chester's vocals are excellent. It's soft like most of the songs on this album but that doesn't really bug me. As a matter of fact this is also another song I can say I enjoy. Overall 10/10.
Track 4: Bleed It Out: Another aggressive song in this album. Mike's rapping is executed pretty damn well. His flow is good to. Chester's vocals are aggressive once again and the guitar riffs are pretty good. It's another solid and enjoyable track that I can definitely say is great. Overall 8/10.
Track 5. Shadow of the Day: A song about politics but a good one at that. The lyrics like most songs are well thought out and the vocals of Chester are excellent. There's not a single bad thing about this song. The instrumentation like previous songs is pretty decent. Another one of my favorite tracks from the album. Overall 10/10.
Track 6. What I've Done: The most popular and well known song on this album. It's about the sins of the entire human race. The lyrics are great and Chester's vocals once again prove to be solid. As a matter of fact this song has Chester's best vocals on the entire album. Some of the most emotional and powerful vocals I've heard from Chester. It's a pretty good track. Overall 10/10
Track 7. Hands Held High: The only nitpick I have with these song is how auto tuned the Amen's sound. But other than that Mike's rapping once again is well done. His vocals towards the end are pretty great as well. Not as good as other songs from this album but still enjoyable to me. Overall 7/10.
Track 8. No More Sorrow: The last aggressive song on the entire album. It's political and a direct attack towards George Bush. The lyrics are great. Chester's vocals are aggressive once again and like before the guitar riffs work well with the song and its message. It's a good track and there's no denying that. Overall 10/10.
Track 9. Valentine's Day: A underrated and overlooked song from this album. The lyrics are pretty meaningful and great as to be expected. Chester's vocals are emotional and powerful especially with this song. It's a song that honestly deserves more attention and recognition. Overall 10/10.
Track 10. In Between: Mike's vocals are great. Though I don't find it to be as enjoyable as other songs from the album. Not the weakest song but not the strongest one either. The instrumentation is amazing and the lyrics are pretty fine. Overall 7/10.
Track 11. In Pieces: Chester's vocals are tolerable and certainly decent. But I find this to be the most disappointing song on the album. Not terrible but not exactly extraordinary either. I can tolerate the lyrics and the instrumentation is pretty ok. Overall 6/10.
Track 12 The Little Things Give You Away: This song is a good album closer. It's long but pretty enjoyable and epic. The solo is only one of the highlights. Both Mike and Chester's vocals on this song are pretty solid. The instrumentation is well and I like the lyrics for this one as well. Overall 10/10.
In general I consider this to be Linkin Park's best album. I like the variety between songs even though some songs felt weaker than others. I consider this to be way better than both Hybrid Theory and Meteora. Plus it has a few overlooked songs that honestly deserve more attention. Here's the score I'll give this album. Out of 10 I give this album a strong 9. Even though I don't care for In Pieces everything else is pretty enjoyable and decent by its own merit. Songs like Leave Out All The Rest and Shadow of the Day do feel depressing but are still good. This is a good album and if someone is new to Linkin Park, I'd definitely recommend this album for all beginners to Linkin Park. It's not too heavy and it's not too soft so I think that it'll be good for LP beginners.


Glad you're back. - 445956