Ranking Every Linkin Park Album Ever

As a lot of you know, Linkin Park is one of my favorite bands in existence. It sucks that Chester died, and I know that he's probably in a better place now. Let's just jump into the main point of this post, I'll be ranking every Linkin Park album in my honest humble opinion. If your favorite album isn't high, please don't complain and send me caps lock death threats. This might be the internet, but c'mon we can be mature here. And encase this wasn't obvious enough, these are just my opinions and you don't have to agree with them. With that all out of the way, are you calm enough to listen to my reasoning as I rank these albums? It seems like you are, but if you're not then I'll be able to tell by the comments you make. Enough stalling, let's just get straight into the rankings right now shall we?
1. Minutes to Midnight: While being a softer album, I like nearly all of the songs on it. I can't name one song I generally dislike at all to be honest. My favorite track is probably The Little Things Give You Away, it's such a beautiful ballad and a awesome way to end a album. The three aggressive songs are great to, and out of the three aggressive songs I like No More Sorrow the best. That guitar riff, and Chester's vocals are phenomenal. Overall I consider this their best, and a overall solid album.
2. A Thousand Suns: The only thing I don't like about this album is, the constant short filler songs added to fill in run time. Other than that the nine NON filler songs are pretty decent, my favorite track is probably Burning in the Skies it's a nice song and I like the lyrics to it. Waiting for the End is ok, but I think it's not the best song from the album. Other than the filler songs to add in run time, this is a album I can see myself coming back to.
3. The Hunting Party: Other than Keys to the Kingdom, this is a solid and amazing album. It's kind of hard for me to pick a favorite song, but I'll probably go with a Line in the Sand. This album is probably their heaviest, and in general it's a lot better than their first two albums IMO. I'm not sure why people were bitching about it being disappointing, it didn't disappoint me in the slightest. Overall I love this album.
4. Living Things: This is a album that has honestly grown on me over time, at first I hated it but after a couple of re-listens I oddly grew to like it. The only song I'm not a fan of is Burn It Down, it's a rather weak and bland single to me. My favorite song from this album is probably Powerless, Linkin Park definitely knows how to make awesome ending tracks. Overall I think this album is pretty decent, even though I don't see the appeal to Burn It Down that much.
5. One More Light: I can already see the triggered comments coming in, yes it was a poppy album but it wasn't that bad. Admittedly I wanted something aggressive, but as far as pop albums go this is pretty decent. Sure the lyrics can be corny, and Chester doesn't scream as much but it's amazing regardless. My favorite song from this album is probably One More Light, it's one of the most beautiful songs they've ever written. The only track I'm not a fan of is Sorry for Now, and that's mostly due to how weird Chester's rapping is. Overall I think this album is highly overhated, and not nearly as bad as people make it out to be.
6. Meteora: I think this album is HIGHLY overrated, while not being atrocious it's not excellent either. I kind of like this album, but at the same time the Old school LP fanbase kills my enjoyment of this album. I don't care for Numb to be honest, it's not a bad song but in general I think they've made so many BETTER songs. My favorite song from this is probably Breaking the Habit, it's a emotional yet thrilling song. Overall I kinda like this album, but the oldschool LP fanbase killed my enjoyment of it.
7. Hybrid Theory: I don't think this album aged well, certain tracks are awesome and I'll always come back to, but other tracks just really make me cringe at times. This album was influential for starting their career, but I don't think it's their best album at all. Not horrible, just kind of meh to me. I think Linkin Park's music got better, when they ditched the Nu Metal scene and tried something different. My favorite track though is probably Pushing Me Away. Overall I'm mixed on this album, and I think they've done better than this album.
Well there you go, I ranked every single Linkin Park album (excluding Live albums/ eps/ compilations) and gave my honest thoughts on them. Do you agree with my rankings or disagree? Feel free to let me know, and please don't get triggered because your favorite album isn't higher. You can do your ranking in the comments, if you want just please don't start flamewars/ drama over opinions that is all that I ask. Without further to do, I am signing off once again just like I always do.


One More Light honestly is quite average. Not very good but not bad. I prefer Hybrid Theory honestly because of the edgy One Step Closer, beautiful Crawling, and amazing A Place For My Head. - visitor

For me it's
1. Hybrid Theory (Best Song: One Step Closer)
2. The Hunting Party (Best Song: Guilty All The Same)
3. Minutes To Midnight (Best Song: Either Given Up or No More Sorrow)
4. Living Things (Best Song: Castle of Glass)
5. One More Light (Best Song: One More Light)
6. Meteora (Best Song: Don't Stay)
7. A Thousand Suns (Best Song: Iredescent) - visitor

I like Hybrid Theory better, but eh it’s your opinion. - visitor

Now I think Meteora’s better. - visitor

Nice - LightningStrike