LightningStrike Album Review: Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Album Review number 8

This is Linkin Parks debut studio album released in October 24th, 2000, recorded in NRG studios in northern Hollywood. We can't really tell what the genre mainly is but it's basically alternative hard rock mixed with hip hop, the length is 37:45, and sold around 32,000,000 copies worldwide making it one of the best selling albums of all time. Let's review:



The Linkin Park version of Metallica's One. Kind of. I also like how this entire album starts too. You go into this hardcore music very quickly including with some hip hopping vocals with some alternative hard beats. This is so Linkin Park. This song is explain what it's like living in depression with total darkness in your life. And asking why we are here in this cruel world. What a controversial song. I love it too.

One step closer:

It's another one of these hardcore alternative song beats and this one has softer vocals in each verse and the chorus being so appealing with those two parts of the lyrics. It's a other one of those songs that defines Linkin Park very well. The lyrics are telling us what happens next after causing depression in us. That's right, we're at the tipping point of saying enough is enough with this chaos. And there might also be not much ways to go to the good side. I also like it when he's yelling "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" That got alot of my attention. This is a useful song too. We need this.

With you:

It starts with random sound effects that are starting to make some beats later on. That turn table sound effect though. It's getting me. Including with others too. The song itself is about what it's like after all of that chaos and depression. Having a dream that makes you want to go through this? Well yeah, you can fit in sometimes even though it's hard too. The way they describe life after depression really does feel like an accurate answer to my life back in 2016-2018. Very long story am I right? This album is mind blowing!

Points of authority:

The start is a lot more different. The sound turns mellow with some synths then came back the turn tables. Including with some beats that also best defines Linkin Park. And yes, that synth also appears in the chorus. Very nice. The lyrics are about learning personal mistakes in your life even if it's just a little thing. Like are you too weak? Well that's just the way you are. You can learn. Don't worry.


Familiar with this meme? Exactly, you probably know this song already. I don't need to talk about this song... Sike. It starts with a unique tone. Then yes..... "CRAWLING IN MY SKIN. THESE WOUNDS THEY WILL NOT HEAL" the verses are calm including with some confidence in it too. The lyrics are an "uh oh" moment about feeling uncomfortable about some situations in school and feeling like you're alone and worried about society. Like something is going to happen to you or something like that. Very critical.


It's another soft start and a hard after that just like every song we're going through but it came back to that start as the verse starts. The lyrics are about going insane again and running for it. Telling us the lessons are not true but this is a story so of course it might be true right? Let's see. And is also feeling guilty through society and decided to run for that. And it keeps on going about trying to forget about other people and that person just wants to be alone for a long while. What a controversial song. Good one too, you might need this in your life some point I guess.

By myself:

There is no soft into for this >:D it's starts a bit more harder than the songs we went through with soft verses and a VERY hard chorus with SCREAMING!!! Yeah. I know. Very unique so far I guess. The lyrics are about wondering what to do while being alone from that annoying society from school. But then also realizing that you're getting hurt by yourself and not that society! What a message! And it's also telling us that that guy wants to go back but is afraid to. In a very dark and meaningful way. Very nice and I'm starting to love this album already.

In the end:

Many people say this is the best song in the album and I have to agree. This song contains some effects that add the vocals singing the lyrics making it very fun to sing as well. It's Linkin Park everyone. The lyrics are about looking back through that story again and describing what you should have done. This song has got to be the one to blow it all. This song is really meaningful for your life to think about what problems you made and how long that same story is. Yeah I had problems like that too. This song has got to the the most important song in the album. Very nice.

A place for my head:

Soft guitar in the into. Something hard comes next? Well... There's turn table sounds too. Then the verse starts. It's about looking at the sky remind us what the story was like in the first place. The sun doesn't give light to the moon meaning the society doesn't give hope for him. Which reminds him that he needs to ask the society for some clear space while studying or something. The next verse is talking about what it would be like if that guy does the same thing to the society teasing others making people run away. Yeah, now we're thinking. He wants to be in a calmer place.


The start is just hard now I'm starting to think it's not just what I'm thinking about at all. It's not just the same intros again. Yeah! The song is about reviewing that dark story again and telling us that it's stuck in our memory. Yeah, this is totally me back in 2017. Totally me. It's also describing that same feeling with a fog in the outdoor view too. It also repeats alot of the lyrics too. No wonder this is going in my memory and so is this whole album. Now I'm really starting to love this alot!

Cure for the itch:

The intro contains voices with sound effects and a beat after that with voices. And keeps on going for a while. This is art everyone. Especially if it's Linkin Park. The song goes on with alot of effects. This is an art song and a very beautiful one too. Linkin Park can do art music! Look at that! By the way, it's mostly an instrumental with effects and art and stuff. The ending has synths too while it's fading away.

Pushing me away:

Here's the finale of the story. Back again with the soft then hard intros. It's been a while I guess. This maybe unique but every song has different effects with the same elements. This is totally so Linkin Park! The lyrics are about recognize that story again and having people noticing what happened to that guy in his life. And is about that guy telling everyone that doing things like this isn't right. And is also about trying to not worry about what happened there anymore too. And if it happens again, the whole story goes on again. Wow. I really should have listened to this album back in 8th grade!


Overall, I wouldn't say it's their best album but I would say it's an excellent masterpiece. The storyline and the messages they give in this album are really in lifestyle mode. The production is fantastic too. This album can be shown by those who can be having a depressing and hard life. And yeah, I know how I feel to, I should have listened to this masterpiece back in 8th grade. This is a great album, I love it.