Most people who vote for Meteora are like, " It's a good album, but Hybrid Theory is better. "I disagree. Meteora is an AWESOME album. How can you not like it with an explosive intro with Don't Stay, and songs like Lying From You, Hit The Floor, Faint, Figure.09, more all less the whole album! Yet people vote for Hybrid Theory (don't get me wrong, I love HT too), but Meteora is far better. Everyone just vote for HT because it's their first album.

This album is the perfect example of what Linkin Park is capable of. Great timing with hip-hop influences and great guitar plays. Every single one of the songs, even session, is very energising and really helps you when you are frustrated or angry, but still sounds great when you are feel happy. The hybrid theory is also a great album but not all of the songs are amazing. There is a few that are really standing out which is less the case in meteora.

Are you kidding me? How is Hybrid Theory above this?

Alright, I can answer that question myself. Because it's an amazing album. Songs like Papercut, In the End, Crawling and Points of Authority make HT truly a spectacular debut record.

However, when you put it up against Meteora, I just don't think it stands up. I love, repeat *love* every song on this album, and I think they matured their aggressive rock + hip-hop genre clash nearly flawlessly on this album.

Personal favorites would have to be Breaking the Habit, Nobody's Listening, Don't Stay and Hit the Floor. - caleb4est

This albums is slightly better than hybrid theory because it flows more smoothly and also shows the groups improvements since their first album. Although their first album was great and laid important groundwork in the music society, this album is superior because they took the minority of bad qualities from their first effort and improved most of not all of those!

Loved this album the most. I really love hybrid theory but meteora in my opinion was the perfect mix of urban rock effects, rap, and metal. Plus the switch between Chester's singing and Mike's rapping was evenly balanced and that goes for hybrid theory as well with the singing/rapping switch. All in all was very powerful and the lyrics were deep.

Yes, Hybrid Theory is their most popular album, and had their biggest song ever, but I have been more aesthetically pleased (yeah, big words, I know) by Meteora than I have by Hybrid Theory. Also, you know what it's like to have a miscarriage and then still give birth to the miscarried baby? That's how I feel about A Thousand Suns.

Just like Hybrid Theory, this is Linkin Park at its finest. In my opinion, this albulm is more organized and put together than Hybrid Theory. Meteora gives us a better and clearer understanding of the bands identity. This albulm is a perfect length in my opinion, (approx.37 min. ) I would say if you listen through the whole albulm starting in order from Foreword to Numb this album does not disappoint. It has its own 'character' and uniqueness to it and it is great piece of art.

This is one of the best albums of Linkin Park. But I think that Hybrid Theory, M to M and road to revolution are equally good. But I never liked 1000 suns except iridescent, Burning in the skies and Wretches and kings. Waiting for the end and Catalyst are also good but really overrated.

Every song on this album is amazing, unlike others where some aren't that great. Some of the songs on this album are even better then amazing, such as Nobody's Listening and Numb. Both of those are some of Linkin Parks best songs.

Has a healthy blend of material that builds on the elements used in "Hybrid Theory". Showcases the abilities and spectrum that the band is capable of. The songs are incredibly catchy, yet non-repetitive and unique.

Just a more well put together album than Hybrid Theory, although the rage and epic guitar riffs in Hybrids Theory were captivating, songs like breaking the habit or faint on meteora really show LP at their finest. And honestly numb is better than in the end only because I think that the chorus can just put anyone into infinite sadness and the power of that song puts Hybrid Theory to shame

Meteora and Hybrid Theory are very close, but for me, breaking the habit and numb push Meteora into first, as they beat all of Hybrid Theory (Papercut comes close)

Most people say hybrid theory is the best. But I disagree. Hybrid Theory maybe a spectacular album, but Meteora is the best. It is well edited, has more zing in the rock, and with songs like Don't Stay, it's just too good to be true.

PURE BRILLIANCE. This is hands down their best album, tracks like; Numb, Easier to Run, From the Inside and Don't Stay are amazing

This is the album with all of my favourite songs by Linkin Park. It almost ties with Hybrid Theory, but this one wins by a small margin. Breaking the Habit is a my all time favourite song.

I really like Hybrid Theory, but I thought Meteora was better just by a little bit. It includes some of my favorite songs such as Numb, From The Inside, Somewhere I Belong, and Faint

Hybrid Theory times 10. Absolutely perfected the sound they had created three years earlier. Far superior in my opinion.

WTF LP meteora has 6 singles most by linkn park any album those 6 singles are v. Good nobody listening and figure. 09

Linkin Park outperformed their debut album with this masterpiece. Each song flows perfectly into the next and displays all of their strengths in each one!

Best GodDamned Album in the world! I personally think this should be no. 1 instead of hybrid theory, but who cares LINKIN PARK ROCKS!

This one has just the best songs on it. On all the other albums there is at least one song that I'm not fond of, but this one is killer from beginning to ens

Meteora is my first favorite Minutes To Midnight is my second third is A Thousand Suns forth hybrid theory fifth is Living Things and finally sixth is Hunting Party

This is the best Rock album of the year 2003 and people shouldn't think that if this album is old you aren't supposed to listen it's like one of the best...

All the songs in the album are amazing... Agreed that hybrid theory has greater hits... But meteora is something which you would surely love.

Best album EVER! I thought Hybrid Theory was good but then I heard this.. Living Things and Hybrid Theory are a close 2nd and 3rd but this is a masterpiece. Songs like Don't Stay, and Somewhere I Belong gives the album a very energetic start and ends with Numb, a classic! No doubt the best..