Minutes to Midnight


Personally, I think Minutes to Mdnight perfectly encapsulates and sums up Linkin Park's kind of music. It's got songs like Given Up and Bleed it Out, complete with heavy guitars and ear-shredding screaming, but it also has melodic songs like Shadow of the Day and Leave Out All the Rest, which point towards Linkin Park's later albums, like the Hunting Party and One More Light. It's even got a Mike Shinoda rap single, Hands Held High, which is incredible. To top it off, Minutes to Midnight has What I've Done, which is a nice cross between new Linkin Park and Old.

Each songs is far more soothing and above the top rated quality. This might be the most underrated album but once you start hearing it, you can't stop it. It has also shown basic and advanced ability of all band members either it is soft vocals of Mike in "In Between" or the beautifulness of "What I've done".

I love this album but there are few hard tracks like qwerty, given up which changes its color. I like all the other songs. All the songs are amazing(mellow and alternative rock) except 2-3(hard rock). Unlike Meteora and The Hybrid Theory which has some songs you don't want to listen again and again. My favorite are - the little things give you away, Valentines Day, Hands held high, What I've done, Leave out all the rest, In between.

No more sorrow, leave out all the rest and what I have done are some of the bests rock songs eveer made,
Vocals drumming are perfect
Also try burning in the skies. Best of 1000 suns

This was the beginning of a new era of Linkin Park. I love this album very much. What I've Done was the greatest and Given Up is just awesome. When first listening to this album I was like "Is this really LP? " but now I am grateful for the change. It made fall in love with other kinds of music other than nu metal. This album is not the greatest but it's definitely a remarkable one.

Why is this not at least 2nd. Meteora and hybrid theory are great, but a thousand suns and living things can't compare to the previous three. I hate that they changed their music style. All the famous bands these days are changing because they are adapting to the music kids listen to pop basically. Their not changing because their "maturing" or "trying something new. "

Can't believe that this is ranked four. It should at least be ranked number three, considering that it has great songs like What I've Done, Given Up, and Bleed it Out. It's way better than Living Things.

This should be number one! At least its not too electronically enhanced, like A Thousand Suns. Bleed It Out has the best rapping of any Linkin Park song! Even the calm songs are good! Shadow Of The Day is a pop-ish song, but Linkin Park still managed to do it right! In Pieces, In Between, Leave Out All The Rest, and The Little Things Give You Away are some of the best calmer songs by Linkin Park. Given Up has great lyrics, and its also very catchy! What I've Done is a great song for the lead single, but one part most of you might not hear is the intro that starts in Shadow Of The Day (its one of the best parts of What I've Done). It starts off calm in the intro then it transitions to What I've Done. One of the best "intro starting in the previous song"s I've heard by Linkin Park. Hands Held High has powerful lyrics, and the end part is the best (with hands held high into a sky so blue as the ocean opens up to swallow you). No More Sorrow sounds like something dark at the beginning ...more - wrongway360

This album has many underrated songs as well as the popular songs like What I've Done and Bleed It Out.

Just the right mix of mellow and metal. My favourite part has to be that moment in In Between when it's just Mike and guitar, it makes me melt inside. - louiscurlydunham

The only album in existence where I like every song on it. For that reason, this is my favorite. - Empoperking

I love how in this album, they were much more diverse, and still created AMAZING songs. I particularly love Bleed It Out, Hands Held High, and Leave Out All the Rest.

Just an all around great album. I like all their music but I always find myself listening to this one the most. They put a lot of effort and time to make this, and it shows. They touch political topics, show their metal/rap side (Bleed it out) as well as a softer side. GREAT album. Thanks LP

Songs like hands held high and bleed it out show how well mike shinoda can rap and the vocals in what I've done and leave out all the rest are amazing, id put it number one and hybrid theory would be a close second

What I've Done, Valentine's Day, Leave out all the Rest, No more Sorrow, In pieces all great songs, Shadow of the Day

I could listen to the album over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Its that good.

Minutes to midnight was my favorite album of all and these are among all of there most famous songs!

Awesome Album like Hybird Theory, Meteora, A Thousand Suns and Living Things just Best Band 4 ever.

A thousand times better than their new one. - DalglishIsBack

The only Linkin Park album I think is awesome the whole way through

Linkin Park was critized for having goofy songs but this spectacular album proved they can rather have more mature music, kind of more depressing but it is less of an easy target out of ALL Linkin Park albums

Number one in my Music hall of fame :D

I could hear it all day. I have never heard something better

This album should be at 2 or 3. The songs in this album rocks
Leave out all the rest, in pieces, what I've done, bleed it out, shadow of the day are awesome songs

Way better than Hybrid Theory and Meteora in my opinion. - SomePersonYouHate