A Thousand Suns


Very underrated album, artistically their best. I like the approach they took with a concept album.

Their best, most creative, most diverse album. So many different kinds of great music in 15 tracks, from rap, to reggae to rock ballads. I think for the most part that each of their albums was better than the last with the exception of Living Things. I would rank them:
1. A Thousand Suns
2. Minutes to Midnight
3. Living Things
4. Meteora
5. Hybrid Theory
A very underrated album that I will be listening to for years to come.

To be honest, this album made me appreciate Linkin Park again. I had started to get a bit bored of them, and then I heard A Thousand Suns the whole way through. It made me remember when I had just heard Linkin Park for the first time. I had some of their songs that I listened to again and again. From this album, I had Waiting For The End, The Catalyst and Iridescent, and, although I succumbed to peer pressure about how bad A Thousand Suns supposedly is and deleted it out with out fully appreciating it, hearing this album the whole way through for the first time, it brings back memories of those times. - Lem

Ok, yes it's not their best album but it doesn't deserve all the hate it gets. BURNING IN THE SKIES is just epic, amazing, even better than Leave Out All The Rest and I thought that was the best "ballady" song by Linkin Park, this is even better. Listen to it. Other good songs include Wretches And Kings (sounds like old Linkin Park) and The Catalyst is quite good but overrated. Waiting For The End is "OK" but it's so overrated, as is Iridescent. BURNING IN THE SKIES is way better! Go vote for it in the "Best Linkin Park songs" list or vote for the classics like One Step Closer, Crawling, Points Of Authority etc.

I think this album is as great as the others Linkin Park's albums. All bands changes his style, we all know LP won't be playing the same Hybrid Theory's style from the beginning to the end, that isn't the cycle of a normal band. This album is the most mature record of this band, also is a conceptual album so to the retards that say that most of the songs of this album are full of experimental, try to understand this as an album, not as a collection of commercial songs, if you do it you will find how pretty this album is

I hate how people say this album sucks. It does not. This is very unique and experimental. Linkin Park did a wonderful job with this almost Masterpiece. I used to think this album was horrible but if you listen to it a lot you really get used to it and then you fall in love with it. A Thousand Suns contains great songs like Waiting For the End. I also say Blackout, Wretches and Kings and Burning In The Skies. The only one song on this album that I don't like as much is Robot Boy but it's not bad. So in conclusion... Stop hating on Linkin Park. They did a great job.


Everybody is saying that this album is not at the level of the previous Linkin Park hits like hybrid theory and meteora. But forget just for a second that it is Linkin Park then the album is far better than the crap music of lady gaga and Justin Bieber. Great lyrics, awesome tone and filled with emotions. Different from Linkin Park yet I like it

This album is SO UNDERRATED. I used to hate it (except for it's singles) like most people do but then one day I was alone in my room, quite off due to some personal issues, so I decided to hear Iridescent and Waiting for the end as these two tracks are really comforting, but then I thought let's listen to the whole album from the beginning. That day I realized it's epicness.This album is an ALBUM. Not just a compilation of tracks. It's like a piece of art by LP as an INNOVATIVE ARTIST. I listened it as an album, starting from the first track and not skipping any of them( like those speeches and snippets) in this way I got the 'feel' of this album as if it's a long poem. THE LYRICS OF THIS ALBUM ARE FULL OF MANY EMOTIONS. I think the best lyrics are of Messenger, Iridescent, Waiting for the end, Catalyst and Robot Boy. The themes of- nuclear war, depression, alienation, existential crises( which I suffer from), hope, danger from machines etc. - these are persistent throughout the ...more

This is their best album musically and lyrically. every song is gold and sticks to the concept. meteora is probably my favorite but it's their worst. it's a carbon copy of hybrid theory with cliche over the top angst and bad rhyme schemes... But its still fun to listen to and has a lot of influence.

This is the best album. As someone who is not a fan of Linkin Park in particular this is amazing. It's so atmospheric, and the flow is incredible. As a fan of prog rock I approve and would give it a solid 9/10. I understand that Linkin Park fans want them to keep making 'Hybrid Theory', but in my opinion this is a welcome change in sound.

This album made me feel so many different ways. It's the only album of theirs that I can listen to all the way through. Hybrid Theory wasn't my thing, but was certainly a breath of fresh air for the music scene and had some great songs. Hunting Party, I just can't seem to be able to get into no matter how hard I try. Living things had some great songs, but not many and they all sounded very similar. Minutes to Midnight, and Meteora were great, but they didn't make me feel what A Thousand Sun's did. ATS had these song intros that make me think and feel so many different thoughts and emotions, and the music only amplified that. It didn't feel like just a music album, but something more. Taste in music is subjective. This one was weird in all the right ways for me. From Hindu scriptures in the Bhagavad gita to Martin Luther King Jr speeches, this album spoke to me like no other Linkin Park album ever did. From tracks like Burning in the Skies to Waiting for the End to Iridescent and The ...more

Not everybody gets that this was a concept album, ( an album in which all its songs revolve around one central idea ). This was a huge risk by LP. Try listening to the album again, but listen to all the songs in a row, the way it's meant to be heard.

If I have to say, I'd say that Meteora is the best LP album... But I think A THOUSAND SUNS deserve more... That's why id vote for this album... Burning In The Skies is amazing... Since 2010 I have listened to it like literally every single day... Iridescent and Waiting For The End are pretty cool too... Even though I can not or will not forget Breaking The Habit, From The Inside, Numb, Somewhere I Belong etc.

This is my favorite album by Linkin Park. Every song of this album is great. I Don't know why this is so underrated album which have their best singles like the catalyst, waiting for the end, iriscendent, burning in the skies also this song have better YouTube viewers than their other albums singles. Also, have great songs Robot boy, wretches and kings, The messenger, when they come for me and black out. This album is quite better than living things, MTM & Meteora. People please vote this album and it's song and singles up...

ATS is by FAR the best and most artistic LP album. The lyrics are by far the best. It's an ALBUM not just a collection of tracks. You have to hear it from the first track till the end in a row, without skipping, without any pauses. Those speeches and snippets are all connected because each track's end is the beginning of the next track. They completely give you the feel of nuclear apocalyptic atmosphere, 'A Thousand Suns' is the reference to the atomic bomb. Plus this album combines at least 5 genres. It even kinda narrates you the event that follows in each track which ends with an atomic bomb threat in the end.

This album was a big change in direction for the band but that is what good bands do. One day they will probably go back to their beginnings and that will be great but in the meantime enjoy the adventure.

It's the best Album ever by a band! Its having rock as well as symphony and I also guess that it is very balanced between lyrics and rock. It has actually re birthed an excellent band in and silent-cum rock style! My favorite songs iridescent and catalyst are also in this very album! Enjoy it! And it is way ahead of the old Linkin Park Albums

I know Hybrid Theory and Meteora are great albums but I think A Thousand Suns deserves a lot more credit than it gets. It was probably Linkin Park's most experimental album with some rap-rock and industrial rock tracks. It is also my most frequently listened to album from the band. Some of my favorite songs include, Wretches and Kings, When They Come For Me, The Catalyst, and Waiting for The End.

Not their best musically, but it's their most serious and brilliant album to date. Having finally moved past their own problems/angst and maturing, they create an anti-war album with a lingering concept of a nuclear apocalypse. Excellent album with cool interludes.

I always thought this wasn't a favorite to many fans but seriously? To be honest, this is my favorite album by Linkin Park, sue me. Like seriously, I wasn't disappointed at all like, "Wow, and I thought Minutes to Midnight was a surprise but this is just amazing." Yeah, half of it is instrumentals or interludes but it's mostly melodic, for me.

I like this album so much because it is probably their most political album to date, with songs about nuclear war and governments. Also songs like Burning in the skies and waiting for the end, along with wisdom justice and love (not really a song) and blackout as well as the catalyst and the messenger give me chills whenever I hear them. RIP CHESTER

It was hard to choose, but this is probably my favorite album by them. This is what got me into Linkin Park. I loved the sound and the lyrics. I pretty much like all of the Linkin Park albums, but I probably like this one the most.

I hated it until I listened to the whole thing and I suddenly got it, it's a masterpiece but only as a whole and not many people have the patience to sit through and entire album for 50 minutes

Alright, its not the I best album, but still they worked really hard on it. It shouldn't be hated so much. The sound throughout the album is magical. Waiting for the end is a beautiful and perfect song and iridescent.