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1 Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Greatest album of all time in my opinion. I think Hybrid Theory, Meteora and Fallen are the three best albums here, and all of them are great. - EvilAngel

I think Hybrid Theory is best album ever! Hybrid Theory songs never gets old! I like Fallen, Meteora, Hunting Party too.

This is a great album I mean it's the textbook definition of Rap/Metal and EvilAngel you are awesome

2 Fallen - Evanescence

My Favortie album with Hybrid Theory, yes;but Fallen is something else, this album is stuck in my head and very impressive. Songs is so beautiful, Bring Me To Life, My Immortal. Going Under, Everybody's Fool, My Last Breath and Tourniquet is my favorite songs from the album.

This album is a LEGEND! Must be on the first place, that's amazing!

My favorite album. Bring Me To Life and Going Under rocks!

In my opinion fallen is really better than hybrid theory.amy lee is col and evanescence is amazing

3 Meteora - Linkin Park
4 The Open Door - Evanescence
5 Minutes To Midnight - Linkin Park
6 A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park
7 Evanescence - Evanescence
8 Living Things - Linkin Park
9 Reanimation - Linkin Park
10 Road to Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes - Linkin Park

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11 The Hunting Party - Linkin Park
12 Anywhere But Home - Evanescence
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1. Meteora - Linkin Park
2. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
3. Fallen - Evanescence
1. Fallen - Evanescence
2. Meteora - Linkin Park
3. A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park
1. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park
2. Minutes To Midnight - Linkin Park
3. Fallen - Evanescence

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