Best Linkin Park Music Videos

Which of Linkin Park's songs had the coolest music video. I don't care how cool the song is, I want how cool the video was. Only songs from their studio albums go, nothing else.
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1 Breaking the Habit Breaking the Habit Cover Art

Killer anime graphics. By far Linkin Park's best music video.

Anime animation is cool, and I love how it goes in reverse towards the end.

That's right killer anime graphics. (what more should be written to post this comment! )

It's not anime, it's graphic novel style.

2 Castle of Glass Castle of Glass Cover Art

This was an insanely difficult choice to make, do to the fantastic quality of Linkin Park videos in general, but "Castle Of Glass" really impacted me like none other. That being said, I'm torn between quite a few of these videos, but I think "Castle Of Glass" deserves the number 1 spot. Not that all of the other videos don't. X)

Awesome video man, whats stopping it from getting it to the top? Please vote guys we need need this video on the top. If you aren't sure of it just go to YouTube and type "CASTLE OF GLASS"... See the video, come here and vote... Yeah LP rocks

It reminds me of my high school memories as I used to listen this at that time. One of the best story-based video. I'm obsessed with it...

This is so tough to make a choice.. Voted for its story line.. Video with such a good story line tough to find..

3 In the End In the End Cover Art

This masterpiece gives you the energy to try harder and harder and remember that failure doesn't even matter. LONG LIVE LP!

4 Crawling Crawling Cover Art

Music Videos tbat have a story line, fit the song well, and have a hot chick in it are awesome. This MV has them all plus it's Linkin Park! This has to be number 1!

1. Crawling
2. Numb
3. Castle of Glass

5 Numb Numb Cover Art

Come on guys we know numb is among the top songs of lp
whether it is music, lyrics or the video...
NUMB RULES.. So please vote for it.

The videp clip is also one of the several reasons why this is the best Linkin Park song.

This "numb" is not going to die for ages...

6 New Divide New Divide Cover Art

Awesome song, Awesome Video. Need anything more? All the Linkin Park haters are just plain old liberals. They are ONE of the best bands of present music generation. And Some people think that Linkin Park lost their Cool after Hybrid Theory and Meteora. You are wrong. They are still producing awesome musics like they will do in the future. Who in the world can scream louder than Chester?

From a Hardcore Linkin Park Fan

Awesome to see bits of the movie that the song is trying to describe and also to see the band rocking out!

Awesome use of lasers n graphics. I'm surprised that this song isn't at the top of the list
Waiting for the end just sucks
And so does breaking the habit... Not the songs, their videos

7 Waiting for the End Waiting for the End Cover Art

The vfx is just wow... Then in the second rap part of mike shinoda, the whole band comes alive... This video is simply awesome...

The heavy graphic editing gets it the win. Brilliance portrayed.

I think link park almost all songs are awesome and they also used
Very good vfx in their video, according to me because I'm vfx artist this video is coolest video by lp, a perfect example of good direction by joe han and their lyrics and tone is new genre that's why I vote this video

This one is so awesome.. I can't help watching it over and over again

8 What I've Done

It is just AMAZINGLY moving. It is a story about someone seeking repentance and forgiveness for their crimes. It is sad, but also epic when you hear the end, when he starts over with a clean slate. Vote for this!

Come on! This is the best LP video because it covers all the important issues in this world: war, terrorism, pollution, children in wars, obesity, starvation, the K, drugs and the ice caps melting

COME ON MEN! This is absolutely their best video!
Waiting for the end and Burn it down are nothing compared to this one!
Wake up everybody!

Although this song is not in my LP personal top 10, it's video clip surely has a place in my heart.

9 From the Inside From the Inside Cover Art
10 One Step Closer One Step Closer Cover Art

Awesome video. Love the part when they float. And the location of the song was quite good too. And the song is cool too.

The Contenders
11 The Catalyst The Catalyst Cover Art

Great effects! Fantastic lights! Concept cool!

12 Leave Out All the Rest Leave Out All the Rest Cover Art

Well... I'm an all time fan of LP and this is still their best video according to me!
But yeah, breaking the habit's pretty cool too though.

13 Burn It Down

The new song... And stunning visuals! It should be No1 no doubt about that! A must watch video!

This was one of their top rock music videos.
Too awesome!

I just love this song..

14 Lost In the Echo Lost In the Echo Cover Art

This music video is one of the greatest videos I've ever seen. It really captures the emotion. This was the song that got me hooked on Linkin Park.

15 Iridescent Iridescent Cover Art

This has the best official video... Till date! Linking Park forever...! No band can match Chester at vocals and Mike rapping in the songs! No Band!

It must be in top 10

16 Papercut Papercut Cover Art

How is this only #17? This video is awesome! The VFX just intrigue me way too much!

Only because Mike Shinoda's excellent flow.

Best song ever, the music video is amazing.

17 Somewhere I Belong Somewhere I Belong Cover Art

Maybe you three got thumbed down because Somewhere I Belong is not THAT great.

How can it be so low? It's such an amazing song!

Its awesome.
Its one my favorite song.

This song should be at least on top 5.

18 Not Alone
19 Burning In the Skies Burning In the Skies Cover Art

The best song and video from the "A Thousand Suns" era, why is Waiting For The End at number 2!?

Very good video so great

20 Faint Faint Cover Art
21 Shadow of the Day Shadow of the Day Cover Art
22 A Light That Never Comes
23 Talking To Myself Talking To Myself Cover Art
24 Bleed It Out Bleed It Out Cover Art
25 Pts of Athrty

I remember seeing the music video for this on cartoon network a loong time ago. The graphics were great for its time. I love Breaking the Habit, but the nostalgia of seeing the robot and alien war makes me love this video a lot better. Their first animated music video.

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