Best Linkin Park Singles

Best singles by Linkin Park.

Their non-singles are brilliant too, in particular from Hybrid Theory and Meteora, a lot of them should have been made into single, but as great as they are they're not allowed in this list, singles only.

The Top Ten

1 In the End In the End

This song is CLASSIC! I never quit listening to this song because I'm a Linkin Park fan, so can everybody! :D

The greatest song of all time in my opinion. In The End is the best - EvilAngel

The Best Song of All Time! This song is simply a legend! It Has a awesome Guitar Solo, Lyrics, Chester's voices and Mike's Rap is a Perfect Combination! - TheGodOfNewWorld

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2 Numb Numb

Song is too awesome I can rock out to it all day long.

One LEGENDARY song! Best rock song of all time (in my opinion) In The End is a little bit overrated just for putting over Numb it's their second best!

This song... Suits all my moods.. Just love it!

3 Breaking the Habit Breaking the Habit
4 Somewhere I Belong Somewhere I Belong
5 Crawling Crawling

First lp sing I heard

LEGENDARY song. Now underrated. - EvilAngel

6 What I've Done What I've Done
7 Papercut Papercut
8 New Divide New Divide
9 Waiting for the End Waiting for the End

Anything from A Thousand Suns or Living Things does not deserve to be on here. Those albums suck

10 One Step Closer One Step Closer

Easily their best song they should go back to this stuff

The Contenders

11 Leave Out All the Rest Leave Out All the Rest

Such an awesome song... Mind boggling lyrics and amazingly soothing music... Chester is as usual at its best but the guitar riffs takes this song to another level... Hearing it for past 2 years... Never got bored of it... Still fresh... It should be number 1... Please vote for this guys... Don't be deaf...

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12 Faint Faint

Whaat... Come on put this song at least number 5... INTRO is great and the the overall beats were Phenomenal... If this song was released this year I doubt it wont reach top 3...

13 Castle of Glass Castle of Glass

This one is the changing in their style. Super!

14 Lost In the Echo Lost In the Echo

The most awesome song. Now let Lost In The Echo be number one!

15 From the Inside From the Inside
16 Bleed It Out Bleed It Out
17 Given Up Given Up
18 Burn It Down Burn It Down

Definitely love this song so far! Plus, I enjoyed their concert at the Civic Center in San Francisco!

Brilliant music and lyrics!
Must listen for all linkin park fans

19 Lying From You Lying From You
20 Pts Of Athrty Pts Of Athrty
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1. In the End
2. Crawling
3. Numb
1. Breaking the Habit
2. From the Inside
3. Waiting for the End
1. Numb
2. Breaking the Habit
3. Waiting for the End

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