Best Linkin Park Underground Songs

These Linkin Park songs didn't really get known, but they have to be mentioned.

The Top Ten

1 And One

All the songs in this list are brilliant and should have been included as proper tracks on the studio albums, but And One is the very best in this list. Chester's voice in the chorus is awesome, and the whole song is amazing. It is also Linkin Parks first song. LP rocks - EvilAngel

This was Linkin Park's first song, the one that started it all. - lukestheman4

2 Qwerty

This is one of the best LP-songs! I really prefer the heavier tones of Linkin Park and this is absolutely powerful! - Flav

Wow! What a song it is it has rap, rock elements and screaming too.

3 Carousel
4 Step Up
5 What We Don't Know

Sounds like the kind of song I would write, if I could write a decent song anyway. - Yoshinaruto

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6 Across the Line
7 Blackbirds Blackbirds V 1 Comment
8 Dedicated
9 She Couldn't
10 High Voltage High Voltage

The Contenders

11 Reading My Eyes
12 Blue

Got this song stuck in my head for 2 days...

13 Primo
14 Pretend to Be
15 Part of Me
16 My December My December
17 Wish
18 Slip
19 So Far Away

The best underground track ever

20 No Roads Left

Mike's vocals in this song are amazing!

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1. Blackbirds
2. Qwerty
3. And One
1. Blackbirds
2. Dedicated
3. And One
1. Rhinoceros
2. After Canada
3. Program

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