Best Liquid Tension Experiment Songs

Greatest Work of the Premier Instrumental Prog Metal band.

The Top Ten

1 Universal Mind

Pure musicianship. Every band member has his special moment and they are all special at the same time. Rudess' arrangements are mind blowing and Mike plays from his heart to deeply touch ours.

Awesome song is made by awesome musician too and this song is really remarkable. Mr. Derek performance on both sides with Mr. Petrucci and that's really amazing, great song!

Awesome guitar perform I like it., its good too heard it
Its good from start untill the end, I like it so much.,

2 Acid Rain

By far one of the best jazz-prog-metal works to date, 17 years later! Fast paced, tense, melodic, and just DAMN GOOD MUSIC.

3 Paradigm Shift

eight minutes of sheer brilliance. the intro is wicked insane, the middle is calming, the end is perfect.

4 When the Water Breaks

Amazinggg drum solo, Some of the best guitar solos out there, Tony Levine's bass solos are beyond phenomenal, Jordan Rudess plays 2 minutes of purely genius solo. I personally don't rate songs based on just solos, though. This song has everything you must check it out if you're a real fan. It's my personal favorite LTE song

5 Biaxident

I love this song

6 Three Minute Warning
7 Kindred Spirits

The guitar solo at 2:21 is so melodic and perfect.

8 Chewbacca
9 Another Dimension
10 Freedom of Speech

The Contenders

11 Liquid Dreams
12 Chris and Kevin's Excellent Adventure
13 Hourglass
14 Hot Rod
15 Rhapsody In Blue
16 Freedom of Speech
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