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The Top Ten Best Lists On TheTopTens Made by Anthonybecerra831

1 Hottest Vacation Spots In the U.S.

Great for people looking for a vacation that live near or in U.S.A. - booklover1

2 Best Fast Food Restaurants In the United States
3 Weirdest Laws In the World
4 Best Works of Art
5 Best Spider-Man Villains
6 Hardest Languages to Learn
7 Greatest Children's Books
8 Worst Horror Movies
9 Greatest Musicians of All Time
10 Best Game Boy Advance Games

The Contenders

11 Greatest Americans of All Time
12 Best Elvis Presley Albums
13 Biggest Jerks In Sports
14 Best Non-fiction Books
15 Most Outrageous Movies Ever
16 Most Dangerous Cities In America
17 Hottest Female Athletes
18 Top Ten Strangest Animals
19 Weirdest Video Games of All Time
20 Most Poisonous Animals In the World
21 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors
22 Ten Weirdest Diets
23 Top 10 Best Endangered Species
24 Most Dangerous Cities In the World
25 Best Types of Martial Arts
26 Most Dangerous Gangs of All Time
27 Ten Most Dangerous Sharks
28 Best Shrek Characters
29 Top Ten Quotes From The Joker
30 Top Ten Weirdest Sports
31 Best Jersey Shore Cast Members
32 Hottest Games for 2011
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