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The Top Ten

1 Top Ten Most Dangerous Animals

Yeah! Loved this... thanks Alexandr! God bless! - HezarioSeth

2 Top 10 Most Memorable & Unique Female Characters On TV
3 Top Ten Most Underrated Actresses
4 Top 10 Jungle Animals
5 Artists Who Should Make a Theme Song for a James Bond Movie
6 Actresses that Didn't Win the Oscar But Should Have
7 Best Storylines In Music Videos
8 Top Ten Most Romantic Singers
9 Top 10 African Animals
10 Extinct Animals You Would Like to See Resurrected

I like this one. Irina made some very cool and versatile lists - Abel123

The Contenders

11 Best Music World Tours Of All Time
12 Albums You Could Listen Over And Over Again
13 Top 10 Researchers Who Experimented On Themselves
14 Greatest U2 Tours
15 Most Underrated Resident Evil Characters
16 Top 10 Madonna Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single
17 Songs That Should Have Topped Billboard in the 2000s
18 Actresses Who Should Have Been James Bond Girls
19 Greatest Video Game Couples
20 Top 10 Lost Cities
21 Top 10 Rare Animals
22 Top 10 Foods with Healing Qualities
23 Best European Born Actresses
24 Best UFO Movies
25 Top 10 Favorite Couples from Sci-Fi Shows
26 Songs That Should Have Been Turned Into Music Videos
27 Top 10 Animal Astronauts
28 Most Amazing Trees in the World
29 Most Mysterious Planets
30 Top 10 Ghost Ships
31 Greatest Historical Finds
32 Top 10 Favorite Animal Migrations
33 Best Christmas/Holiday Albums Of All Time
34 Greatest Rivers In the World
35 Top 10 Most Endangered Animal Species In Africa
36 Greatest Discoveries in Astronomy
37 Most Mysterious Moons of the Solar System
38 Best Jungle Films of All Time
39 Best Films About Africa
40 Most Memorable The Beatles Songs
41 Top 10 Most Mysterious Phenomena of the Mind
42 Top 10 Australian Animals
43 Strangest Buildings
44 Greatest Animals Discovered Within the Last Decade
45 Most Controversial Books
46 Top 10 Greatest Inventors in History
47 Cutest Cat Breeds
48 Moons of the Solar System You Would Most Like to Visit
49 Top 10 Bacterial Species
50 Top 10 Strangest Flying Animals
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