Lists I Decided Not To Make

These are the lists I decided not to make, either because it was to mean, pointless, or I just decided not to. Let's begin!

Top Ten Most Unusual Deaths: I decided not to use this because it was to hurtful if any family that had a member suffer an unusual death actually saw the list. Also, if no one knew what actually happened to the people I mentioned, I won't be able to explain it because this is a PG website.

Top Ten Deaths On 1000 Ways To Die: To gruesome, mean, and just to much research on one list.

Top Ten Most Cliched Action Stars: I didn't make it because half of the cliched actors were good, so I didn't want to hate on actors I liked.

Worst Phineas and Ferb Characters: I would've done this, but as most people may know, this is my favorite show, so I just couldn't be that cruel.

Worst Avatar: The Last Airbender Charcters: Look above.

Worst Movie Charcters: To biased.


Worst movie character: Jason Vorhees. Best movie character: Freddy Krueger. - visitor