Best Little Big Planet Clans

Their are many clans in LBP... but which are best of the best? I'm not meaning to be offensive to any clan. Thanks and feel free to vote!

The Top Ten

1 Red Eagle Army (REA)

Not only is this clan full of skilled people their leader is a top notch guy. A lot of hate towards the clan which is pretty much based on jealousy and simply hating behind a screen. This has to be expected sadly with anything online nowadays and yes I am an old school online gamer back from the dial up days so I see the difference. Their talent is fresh and continually surprise with fun and ambitious design. Keep up the excellent work it is appreciated in the lpb community sadly even the greatest of people instead of gaining respect do at time gain only attacks which a poorly veiled attempts at hiding the perpetrators insecurites. 10 out of 10! - danizakarya

Relki you truly are the godfather of clans every time I mention your name to people they get scared. Well your creations are beast enough to scare a lot of peeps. By the way are you still recruiting?

Damn, the REA are the most amazing and prestigious clan! Their technology and members are of high quality! The REA get a lot of hate just simply because noobs are jealous *cough* Joe_Da_Dude *cough* Keep up the good work Rekli!

belive me when I say that anybody thinking of messing with Rekli or the red eagle army are just asking to be made a fool of. can't people see the power? no, they would rather prefer to learn the hard way. well, let fools be fools id say let the army teach you

2 Akatsuki

Meh I don't know have you seen the skills of akatsuki's newest head general fireblitz95, his skill with 3D is simply amazing, and no offense but general DarkSteel's mechs blows REA and RSR out of the water.

I believe without a doubt that Akatsuki deserves the #1 spot, because our clan has the most popular recruitment levels and we have never lost a war.

They also have amazing tech have you seen lisonia91's level, and and also fireblitz95's Museum Level. I really hope to join their clan someday.

By far most active and most loyal members! They are the best clan and spend the most time together and prove true friendship can happen online.

3 Red Skull Republic (RSR)

I agree with the Mechanics. They are intense. The clan leaders and members are probably the loyalest I've seen on LBP. The skills in fighting and creating are a lot better than what I've seen in other clans. Their reputation proceeds them well.

Most Intense mechs I have ever seen. Plus, have a good reputation and aliances...

RSR has more Wars Participated in and the RSR leader has TONS of mechs, Members and Ally's, Probably one of the best clan leaders I've known.

4 Khorne Empire

First Started in mid 2011 KE was based of the Warhammer 40000 army of chaos. KE took the role of the servants to the blood god. PolarLab was emperor of the clan at the time and had alorem1 as his coleader. KE had defeated many clans such as Noble army, Electronic Skull Empire, CRO, The Brotherhood Rebellion, Emblazia, Plaque Empire, Black Skull Empire, VUD, Red Skull Republic, Galatic Rebellion, Atomic Aftermath (Kingkillers version), Maw inc. And the Sideburn Rebellion. KE has only been defeated by Fallen Republic, Chaos Clan (x3), and Vector Troop. Over all KE has gone through many coleaders such as alorem1, blondezombie1, errmac1, Fearthefrenzy, Shadowtom66, Adidas_Kid78, and ForesakenShadow_. KE has had a maximum of 300 members and now has currently 133. It has merged many clans into its ever growing empire, such as Toxic Empire, Black Skull Empire, Shadowed Vengeance, SVR, HSR, and Emblazia. Knorne Amries was the child of KE lead by shadowtom66 it had a maximum of 100 members. KE ...more

Great clan and great design, also massive network of members.

I remember this clan, it was pretty bad ass when I was in it.

This clan was a fun clan to be in I remember our design was cool.

5 Atomic Aftermath (AA)

Probably the most famous of any clan around here...

6 Chaos Clan (CC)

Very great clans with a lot of good mech but almost all of these clan just want your stuff so... Most of the crap they have is from other people who joined the clan you might find on the leaders profile mech testing levels but who knows that might not even be there's Hey this is a shutout if your a leader of a big clan or going to be one message me my psn online ID is joshuaviper13

Very powerful, but hated by many because of their "take over LBP" thing again...

I'm in chaos clan and I'm the new leader

Chaos Clan (Cc) - Lead by DarkInfection since late 2009. - All items we made were ours, we never stole or needed anyone else's help. However the last year had been very slow as members refused orders & left. I shut it down because no one was willing to be active but I and DEATH_369. -DarkInfection

7 Slapmasters

Joind the list to be on top just joind

These guys are noobs

Slapmaster is the best ~black-gamer gamer_32 :D

A clan based off slapping, sounds like crap.

8 Young Planet (YP)

Bringing Creativity to a new level...

9 Silentium Çøntra

Great clan, great design, well pretty much great

10 Organization XIII

Dex forever the greatest leader I've ever seen.

Long time lbp clan. Basically unstoppable! I was very impressed when I first met this clan. Couldn't believe how well run it was. There creating skills aren't the best but in war are a force that can not be stopped. Congratulations to the organization XI. They are a credit to lbp.

Class Act of a clan

Not only is Organization XI just a clan.. It's a way of life. They are a huge family that are all connected as one to make such a successful clan. Originally created by XxGodOfWarxX then was passed on to Wiseguy625. The current leader at this point is Jedijosho. Organization XI has been around for 6 years gaining more members everyday. Successful clan, great people, there is not more you can ask for.

The Contenders

11 Army of Darthness (AoD)

New, but have made a great standup...

12 Universal Alliance (UA)

Even though this clan may have something active maybe once a year, at best, it used to be a great clan back in the day. The clan isn't driven by power or fame, the clan was made to help others and stop any power hungry clans that used unreasonable means to get to their goals, full of skilled people, currently under the leadership of Black_Oxe1 (he's been inactive for a while.)

So I come to discover my clan is in the top 12? I'm surprised with me being inactive...

This clan tried to recruit me multiple times, as they thought I was skilled, I turned it down because I assumed all of their claims were lies. I find myself regretting my decisions today.

Honestly, this clan is great all round.

13 Phoenix Clan

A Clan that isn't about wars or emos, Actual Skill.

14 Elite Ninja Squad (ENS)

Good creations and war EXP...

The most amazing clan ever! No other clan can possibly compete! W̶e̶ They kicked so much ass! And the leaders were badass as well, especially ninjamcgee, he is so smexy! I don't know why anyone else even bothered. In fact it's a crime this isn't currently number 1. But whatever, none of you guys know perfection. - ninjamcgee

Aw the good old days

Wait what am I doing on a clan website?


15 S.C.A.R.

(Special Combat Advanced Recon)

This clan is small in numbers but in terms of member skill and build capabilities, they are huge. Focusing primarily on weapons, mechs and armour/defense systems, this is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Led by NemOzer who seems to have gone under the radar, tread carefully if you come into contact with these guys. Also appear to be affiliated with the REA.

Damn, I remember way back when, these guys meant business. Some of the coolest tech around!

16 Unreal Annihilation

The clan started off on an OK start, but it was only running for a short period of time. The clan may relaunch in the future but it is currently unknown at this time.
-The leader of UA himself, evanhonor11.

17 cwkeg
18 Dragon Dusk (DD)

Very friendly and great at creating...

19 Shadow's of Heaven (SoH)

Very good Members and fight for a good cause...

20 UE

They only lost one war but they know RSR and Rea are garbage

21 Elite Organization XIII

This is a more impowered version of the clan but with 3main leaders

22 Chronocide
23 Saphire Wolves

Clan seeking for destiny. 2 leaders WHISTLING_SOUL38 and rbala

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