Best Little Britain Characters

From the hit British comedy there were a plethora of funny and memorable characters. Here's the best and funniest.

The Top Ten

1 Lou and Andy

Andy is just brilliant because of his many memorable catchphrases and how much of a horrible person he is. And at the same time you feel sorry for poor Lou.

Lou and Andy. They always make me laugh.
Want that one!

I want that one!

They r so funny always make me laugh with their antics. Yeahaknow is the most used catchphrase in this house Very funny T.V. show

2 Marjorie Dawes

I looove cake... give it to me

Hands down best (period)

I may only be second on this list, but you, darling, are somfing else. You is FATTY FAT FAT FAT FATTY FAT FAT FATTYBOOMBA OOO you're A FAT ONE (lowers voice) FATTY FAT FAT FAT (grunts) FATT

3 Vicky Pollard

Vicky always makes me laugh. I think Anne is great as well.

Yeah but no but yeah but no but yeah

4 Anne

Eh eh eh eh

5 Carol Beer

Aha computer says noo x


6 Dennis Waterman

Cute little boy.. Always get messed up with little thing

"So they want me to star in it, write the feem toon, sing the feem toon. "

Enough said.

7 Kenny Craig

"Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around the eyes, look into my eyes (snap) you're under, in a moment you will click the vote button to the side of me to put my character higher up, three two one (snap) you're back in the room. "

8 Emily Howard
9 Bubbles Devere

Bubbles is the best dahling

10 Ray McCooney

The Contenders

11 Linda Flint
12 Daffyd Thomas
13 Sebastian

I think that Sebastian is such a funny character. Nearly every skit about him makes me crack up. But the trouble is that he doesn’t have a catch phrase.

Has the job as the Prime Minister's aide, and is also in love with him. He's funny because he often acts really childish.

Verŷ good he takes away the show so brilliant! No one is actually better than hi zoo keeper keel joss man blad? ; 288€{+8€_>. Silly stoy

14 Mr Mann

He's hillarious simply due to the way he acts. He always has a creepy look, talks deeply and breaths heavilly. Oh and he always asks for ludicrously impossible things in the shops.

15 Maggie Blackamore
16 Matthew Waterhouse

Musical the Musical. A giant Musical flies in, a thousand Vietnamese children in rags swarm the stage.

17 Ting Tong
18 Pat

Yeah but no but yeah this hole other thing which happed that I didn't know eny thing about

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