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1 Wings Wings Cover Art

This was their first song apart from cannonball and I really liked this song back in my like 4 year long little mix phase. It’s still a really good song to get you started on the band.

People out there who think this song is rubbish well your rubbish well this what I have to say "your words don't mean a thing, I'm not listening"

And this song is awesome, good job little mix!

This song started my Little Mix craze. Wings is awesome and FAB, catchy and nice. You guys should listen to it. I promise you, you'll be addicted to Little Mix like me. I'm seriously honest about that. X

This is song is amazing and such an inspiration. I love jamming to it and I feel like I can do anything after listening to it. Wings is one of the best uplifting anthems ever for me.

2 Move Move Cover Art

Move is catchy, smart, and fast-paced - everything you want in a song while still being authentic and fun. I really love this song, from its tongue clicks to the amazing vocals.

Move is a fun catchy upbeat song and the girls look amazing in the music video and also their dancing is amazing!

Move was one of the last ones I discovered and I listened to it every day and knew it off by heart straight away.

I actually know the "I know that you wanna but you can't because' you gotta stay cool in the coner when the truth is that you wanna move" bit!

3 DNA DNA Cover Art

I love it and all, but Perrie's voice is deep but she is my favorite singer! I Like her smile, and the way she dresses! She inspired me to sing and be happy. And congratulations to her and Zayn Malik! AH! They will get married! I'm so happy!

Perries voice was perfect as well as the other members of little mix perrie and zayn are just meant to be their voice is as good as each other stay strong zerrie and more blessings little mix!

Its really cool and love Perrie's voice in it and its starting music was just awesome and really the best of the little mix songs.

DNA PROVES how powerful the girls voices are they are all so good singers but Perrie will always be my favourite including the talented jade. Love you guys xx

4 Little Me Little Me Cover Art

This song is amazing and very much needed in a dark and horrible world of bullying and insecurity. It is a real shame that this song never went to #1 and that it is Little Mix's least successful single because it is better than most songs on the radio. It is an amazing feeling knowing that the girls wrote this song for the fans directly. Leigh-Anne's high note in Little Me is beautiful as well.

Such an inspirational song! Nowadays we don't have much artists to sing these kind of songs... This song has a really deep meaning and I think everyone can relate to it. I listened to it a bit late in my life, but it always makes me emotional. It says exactly what I'd want to tell my younger self if I had the chance to go back in time... really, really beautiful song.

Here I was, this pretty ordinary middle-aged old-school headbanger just out on the tubes browsing for songs for his ten-year-old to listen to in the car. Little Mix have other good songs but this one is head and shoulders above the rest. It punched me in the gut and made me want to bawl my eyes out.

I love this song so much. It's so meaningful and deep. It describes me perfectly: Quiet, shy and scared to speak up. I just connect with this song every single time I hear it. Little Mix inspires me so much that they are my favourite band!

5 Change Your Life Change Your Life Cover Art

I love this song so much, it means so much to me and always inspires me no matter what. This needs to be number 1, this song is incredible and always is what lights me up when I'm not feeling 100%. Little mix really poured their hearts and souls into this song and you can tell and that is what makes it so special and what makes it deserve number 1

I'm one of those very few people who loves Little Mix more than One Direction. And this song is one of the many reasons why. More recognition for their outstanding music is all these girls need.

My favourite Little Mix song and it's memorable song as well even though it's not their most popular song. Anyway, Jade sings brilliantly on this track which proves she's a talented singer.

This song is amazing and really motivational. I love the fact that Little Mix wrote this song with their fans in mind. It shows how much they care and how talented they are. Perrie's high note is incredible

6 Salute Salute Cover Art

This song deserves to be number one it is my absolute favourite song in the whole wide world! I sing it every day and I do street dance and I am dancing to it I also say little mix sing this song live at the big gig on sat 4th October it was awesome especially at the front row!

This song is amazing. I feel really empowered after listening to it. Salute has got to be the best feminist anthem ever, even beating Run The World by Beyonce because "divas, queens, we don't need no man, salute! "

Superb song. Showing their amazing skills. How come they manage to sing and do the powerful dance while I'm here laying down on my bed trying to catch ma breath after 1st verse?!

By far, the best song. Awesome lyrics, awesome beats and awesome dance moves. This should be top. VOTE PEOPLE, TO GET THE BEST SONG TO BE THE BEST SONG.

7 Black Magic Black Magic Cover Art

Black Magic is THAT SONG. It’s so happy and fun, and the music video really matches the vibe. All the girls shine, so one of, if not my favorite little mix song!

This is the best song I've EVER HEARD! Not just Little Mix, but among every other song I've ever heard! It sums up everything I love about a pop song. I also like Fifth Harmony, but I think Little Mix beats 5H in every way! Little Mix is my favorite band/singer, along with Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Owl City.

I do not understand why this song is not getting as many rates as wings because black magic is one of the best songs I have ever herd. This song is amazing and this song got me hooked to little mix. I only like two songs black magic and sledgehammer by Fifth Harmony.

I love this song and has such a good feel to it. I listen to it nearly everyday and it is my top #3 favourites including Taylor Swift and Olly Murs for definite but this song is so catchy. If you haven't heard it then you must listen now because it went to number #1 in the charts so please VOTE!

8 How Ya Doin'? How Ya Doin'? Cover Art

Iconic girl group and an iconic rap icon. couldn't have been a better choice. Amazing vocals and catchy beat

I almost broke the replay button on youtube when I listened to this song!

I like this song because its verry catchy and I will always get the rymth.This song is one of my favourite songs by Little Mix because its funky and it features Missy Eliot wich is even more funky.

This is a super song! I played it so many times

9 Pretend It's OK Pretend It's OK Cover Art

This is what we always do as people during our hardest times. We pretend to be ok when we are not

This is my all time favorite little mix song it means si much to me but it gets me teary...

This is an amazing and emotional song! It's the best on here and should be #1!

It is very good song. People should listen to it.

10 Madhouse Madhouse Cover Art

This or Black Magic should be the first song to listen to if you want to get into Little Mix.

I love Madhouse to it can give you the creeps but you can love it to

This song is beast. It needs to be at LEAST top 10

Its one of the best little mix song ever

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11 Cannonball Cannonball Cover Art

The song they won with!

I love this slng they won with it as well

12 Secret Love Song Pt. II Secret Love Song Pt. II Cover Art

Okay how sad is this song? Very. It's so beautiful and relatable and makes you want to cry while jumping with joy and puts you through so many lovely emotions you can't begin to explain. Indescribable. Must listen.

Why is this not higher on the list? It's beautiful to listen to, with its melancholic melody and heartfelt lyrics that makes you want to sob in a dark corner. This song gives me too much feels to be honest

This song deserves to be in at least top 5! It's such a sad yet great song! It can make you cry and get you have tons of feelings! Its melody is so outstanding! And their vocals! It's definitely their best song!

How is this song not number one? It's not even in the top ten! It's incredible! It's so meaningful and full of emotion. The vocals are simply stunning. Definitely their best.

13 These Four Walls These Four Walls Cover Art

Best Little Mix song in my opinion, the vocals are mesmerizing and angelic and the song always give me tears every time with all the emotional instruments and lyrics. This song should be number 1

Such a beautiful and emotional song. You know the artists are amazing storytellers when their songs can make you cry

I can't listen to this song without crying, amazing song which hits right in the heart

First time I heard this song I cried. Can't believe it's the last in this list!

14 Towers Towers Cover Art

It's just such an emotional and fantastic piece of music, I just can't get over how amazing this song is! Better than all their singles and definitely their best slow song. It's so deep and I love it very much.

First time I listened to this song I nearly cried so emotional and has a story to it I can feel the pain that thry were expressing...

I love towers so much! The girl's voices blend so well and I don't know why it cuts me inside.

I love this song, it touches me every time I listen to it, I don't know why it ain't on the top.

15 They Just Don't Know You They Just Don't Know You Cover Art

What?! Come on this song is awesome and very relatable

This is the best song they've made a great tune

16 A.D.I.D.A.S. A.D.I.D.A.S. Cover Art

Oh god this song turns me on every time.."slaving in the kitchen, iced you a cake, then I served you a plate, but that ain't what you" umm

This song gives me a Boner lol

Is this song about S.E.X

17 Love Me or Leave Me Love Me or Leave Me Cover Art

Jade and Leigh-ann's parts are particularly breaking in that song.
I don't usually like performers but I must say these 4 girls are special.

Beautiful vocals and a beautiful song!

This is like my fave little mix song

YAS this song is everything!

18 Case Closed Case Closed Cover Art

After listening to this song 3-4 times it gets stuck in your head and you realize how good it really is.

Wae is this so low? Vote for this song, please!

This song is too good..

Love this.

19 Good Enough Good Enough Cover Art

Oh my goodness, this song is the last? Has anybody even LISTENED to it? The song has a beautiful progression in lyrics and the music is unbelievable. Everyone's voice showcased- Jesy's raw emotion, Leigh's tone, Jade's tone, Perrie's power. The song progresses. First verse and chorus, it's so full of disappointment and hurt- "Seems like I never compared." Second verse, it's turning more bitter, and by the second chorus it's more about the person that hurt them, not what they did- "Does it hurt, knowing I used all the pain? " Perrie's bridge says exactly what the song is about in the end- not feeling sorry for yourself, and instead of thinking you did something holding the other person accountable. "Release your curse. Cause I know my worth." THIS SONG NEEDS MOVING UP

Deserves to be so much higher. PERFECT vocals, and the progression- from the utter hurt and despair at the beginning, perfected by Jesy's raw emotion, Leigh Anne and Jade's bitter but empowering second verse and chorus, and Perrie's powerhouse bridge. The lyrics are unbelievably meaningful and relatable. This is my favorite song of theirs, and maybe ever.

I think this song should definitely be moved up. I know it isn't groovy but it's heart breaking and very moving. I love it and I can't stop singing it. It's one of the saddest songs I've ever heard (after that is towers).

Absolutely beautiful song and their vocals are so on point. Perrie's voice is on another level. This song made me cry the first time I heard it, absolutely beautiful

20 Empire State of Mind
21 Shout Out to My Ex Shout Out to My Ex Cover Art

I like Shout Out to My EX but it's actually a catchy tune however this makes me feel like my beats got left behind! Megan Stratford (Pause Birmingham) favorite song is Shout Out to My EX. However it might be stuck in my head now. Guess I should say thank you for the hate you's and the tattoos, Oh ba- CAN YOU HELP ME GET OUT OF MY HEAD?! A barely counts as a miss.

This is an awesome breakup song... she says here that she's no longer sad, those all are the past and she's living her life happily now

This song is the ultimate break up song for 2016. The girls are going to get bigger all over the world with this hit. Love it.

This song should be #1 I can relate to this song so much right now and I'm obsessed with it!

22 Mr. Loverboy Mr. Loverboy Cover Art

This song is SO good. SO catchy. don't know why this song isn't more popular!

I agree this song should at least 5

23 Power Power Cover Art

I love this song even when my mum used to scream the lyrics everywhere and she is not the best singer. Having Stormzy in it made it incredible I never get tired of this song

The girls' vocals really shine on this one, and the level of sass is amazing.

It should be the first best song. It has great meaning, rhythm and voices.

This is amazing! Should of been the 2nd single instead of Touch!

24 We Are Who We Are We Are Who We Are Cover Art

Little Mix deserve more fame, fortune and fans than they have. I mean like HELLO! They are the first UK girl band to win the X-Factor! Other celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and all the others like them are not as great as Little Mix and yet they are more famous. They are caring! Sometime ago, they visited Liberia and decided to donate all the money they get for their sport relief single to the charity. I mean like, how sweet is that? I just wished they were noticed more...

I love every single one of little mix's songs on their album but this song really speaks to me because when I get spots I'm thinking oh my god I look a right mess but it's life and it always turns out nobody even CARES! So now I don't give one but I still don't like them, horrible things! Laugh out loud bye

I think this song really speaks out to many people out there who lacks confidence... This is definitely inspiring and I'm sure most girls out there also think so... Little Mix, keep rocking'

This tells us not to care about how we look or impressing others and just be ourselves. Out of every song they've done this made me happiest.

25 Love Drunk Love Drunk Cover Art

AWESOME SONG... Must listen... I can't believe it wasnt even on the list... I had to add it
Little mix are really talented... They need more recognition... Please listen to their songs... I'm a mixer forever

I have never heard it before but I bet it is really good beacause little mix is

I Love This! It's my favorite

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