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21 Shout Out to My Ex Shout Out to My Ex

This is an awesome breakup song... she says here that she's no longer sad, those all are the past and she's living her life happily now

This song is the ultimate break up song for 2016. The girls are going to get bigger all over the world with this hit. Love it.

Great breakup song. We need to get it all the way up, and swear we'll never bring it down.

Great breakup song. It's my jam.

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22 Red Planet V 5 Comments
23 Turn Your Face Turn Your Face

Such powerful and emotional song. Deserves a much higher position! All the girls were outstanding as usual but Perrie really stuck out with her beautiful vocals

That should be from the top 5 in my opinion

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24 Word Up Word Up

It's their song for Sports Relief 2014 for a good cause. It should be on #1. It's amazing. In this song their voices sounds so much mature.

Word up is the most biggest song for all time like get up and ready to dancing

How is this song in 38th place! Seriously! Deserves to be in top 10!

If it was to chose the best song. That would world up

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25 Love Me Like You

This song is amazing I listen to it every day and little mix are my favourite band in the whole wide world love you girls

This was at first one of those songs where no one knew it was actually real then it just went boom

I thought this was an Ellie Goulding song

This song is awesome

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26 Make You Believe Make You Believe
27 Secret Love Song

I don't know why I always cry when I listen to this song.

Love this song so much. I'm deeply enamored with them.

Why the eff is this song in 55? This should be in 1.

Powerful ballad with powerful voices!

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28 Boy

Great meaning! "That boy wanna fight, but I don't see him fighting for you" Sassy too

The harmonies. The lyrics. It's so good like how is this so low

I love the fact that they don't use instruments.. pure voices

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29 Stand Down

SO MUCH SASS AGAIN FAVORITE LINE IS "Now I'm done with all your negativity" It's awesome

This is my top favorite song of theirs

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30 OMG V 4 Comments
31 Hair

One of the best little mix songs I ever heard...should be in top 3...I know it will get higher... - 0744rose

Love it but do not like the swear word in the chorus but apart from that amazing

This is their best song yet. Can't wait For Get Weird

Hair the great song it make you wanna fil your hair

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32 Touch Touch
33 Power Power

This is amazing! Should of been the 2nd single instead of Touch!

34 Going Nowhere Going Nowhere

I just can not believe that this song is at no. 21. Guys... Please vote for this song. I mean this song is so awesome and meaningful. And please always LOVE LITTLE MIX. They are so funny and humble. And please stop comparing them with the other girl group from the x factor, FIFTH HARMONY... They are both talented and deserve to be even more famous and well-known than the other singers that are not talented and not taking music seriously. Its really means a lot if you guys support my oppinion. And once again please LOVE my sweet LITTLE MIX. By the way, I am a mixer from Malaysia.

Why is this song all the way down here?!.. It's pure perfection

This is really a beautifull song!

Guys this song is the best

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35 No More Sad Songs No More Sad Songs V 2 Comments
36 Private Show Private Show
37 Lightning

This song is like a film as in it's a theatrical piece. Such a good build-up and shows off their great vocals. definitely gets me and the crew moving

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38 Competition

Definitely of their best songs from Salute and overall one of the best they've recorded!

Competition is an amazing song should have been released as a single as it would have slayed, easily best song of Salute.

I love this song so much! Great beat to it. And jades voice at the end AHH!

Smart lyrics, and great voices! - lm_love

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39 Stereo Soldier Stereo Soldier

I'm listening to it for the first time right now haha

I think it's an upbeat song and it's great for dancing!

Every time I hear this song, I NEEDDD to dance. It's contagious, too!

40 They Just Don't Know You

What?! Come on this song is awesome and very relatable

This is the best song they've made a great tune

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