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41 They Just Don't Know You

What?! Come on this song is awesome and very relatable

This is the best song they've made a great tune

42 I Love You V 2 Comments
43 Nothing Else Matters Nothing Else Matters

I love this song so much! I think it represents the band so well and the lyrics are fantastic. Shoutouts to the song writers! Not only that, but Little Mix are the most wonderful band and suit this song very much.

44 Nothing Feels Like You Nothing Feels Like You V 1 Comment
45 Weird People

I'm gonna faint if I see these great songs here

V 3 Comments
46 Grown

I must faint this was the opening song at the get weird tour it must be in the top 5

How is this song on #52?!? Have you ever heard this song?

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47 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
48 Always Be Together

Such a beautiful song and makes me cry each time! My best friend is leaving and this song just really sums up every thing and I love it

This song is so good! It reminds me a lot of one of my friends...

This is my BFF song to my best friends Joanna and Sara

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49 I Won't
50 You Gotta Not You Gotta Not V 1 Comment
51 Down & Dirty Down & Dirty

So catchy, makes me want to get up and start DANCING! This song NEEDS to be a single!

52 Beep Beep Beep Beep V 1 Comment
53 See Me Now See Me Now

This is a great song a they have a really catch arabic music vibe and their voices a re great as well

V 1 Comment
54 If I Were a Boy
55 Steal My Girl

Umm..weren't we talking about Little Mix?

My favorite band one direction and of course one of the best song.

56 Crazy

Woah..I'm a big MIXER since 2012 and I haven't heard this song..? Crazy. I thought we were talking about Little Mix songs..right?

57 Super Bass
58 Don't Let Go
59 The Beginning

Awesome songs. Proves they're gonna make music next 30 years!

60 Clued Up

This song reminds me to be myself

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