Best Little River Band Songs


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1 Reminiscing Reminiscing

This list is practically perfect.
Reminiscing is number 1, Lonesome Loser is number 2, and The Night Owls is number 3.

2 Lonesome Loser Lonesome Loser

Incredible song with great lyrics. I also loved how they started with the chorus. - Beatlesboy9

3 The Night Owls The Night Owls
4 Take It Easy On Me Take It Easy On Me
5 Lady Lady
6 Cool Change Cool Change

Great tune to relax to...makes you thing of the good things in life

7 The Other Guy The Other Guy
8 Help Is On Its Way Help Is On Its Way
9 Man On Your Mind Man On Your Mind
10 Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary

The Contenders

11 Playing to Win Playing to Win

Very Underrated Farnham trying very hard to find its feet within the band

Love Playing To Win John Farnham letting out his frustration

12 Down On the Border Down On the Border

Farnham first Australian hit with LRB it made number 7 on the Australian charts making it there 2nd biggest single in the there home Country next to Help Is On The Way

13 When the War Is Over When the War Is Over

There has been so many line up changes in LRB this cover of a Cold Chiesl classic come from its songwriter' and drummer Stephen Prestwich after Cold Chisel broke up he joined LRB from 1984 - 86. Farnham and Goble feel in love with the song and had to record it! To this day it's only the 1 of 2 song that Farnham will still sing from his LRB days

14 Forever Blue Forever Blue
15 Don't Blame Me Don't Blame Me
16 We Two We Two
17 St. Louis V 1 Comment
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