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1 Party Rock Anthem

This is the best song ever! This has LMFAO, and Lauren Bennett! If Party Rock Anthem was the best, then Sexy and I know it should be just as good! Very excellent music video! Everyday I'm shuffling!

I mean seriously what else would you vote for? It has 48% of votes on this list so do you really think that any other song will beat this? I mean the beat is perfect and so is everything else. LONG LIVE LMFAO AND SHUFFLIN!

It's a nice Song! But where is 'sexy and I know it'?
It is better even than party rock! Even the music video is awesome!
That's their best till now!

Party Rock is my all time favorite song. My sister showed it to me years ago and I just found it again yesterday and now I can't stop listening to it or shuffling "EVERYDAY I'M SHUFFLING! '

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2 Sexy and I Know It

THIS SONG IS SEXY AND I KNOW IT! The video clip is absolutely hilarious and shows that they don't take everything seriously. GO LMFAO!

Wiggle wiggle... Its like shuffling with your pants off! The video on this song is outta control! I work out!

What an amazing song by LMFAO! Party Rock Anthem was the start of their success and now they are working harder and every song they are releasing now are becoming major hits like this and Champagne Showers.

One of the best song and I love it

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3 Shots

What? This is lmfao's best song... It should be no. 1! Crazy vocals by lil john and I don't need to talk bout lmfao... Their just too awesome!

This song is so unique, so catchy. Can't stop listening to it. Not just the best LMFAO song, but one if the best rap songs ever. Gets you going!

So random and I don't know why kids in my class were so obsessed with it I kind like the song but who's the one who screams 'everybody! '
I am not a huge fan (@ all) of LMFAO but I do like party rock

You guys dance LMFAO!

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4 Champagne Showers

Why isn't champagne showers in the top 3 or even in the top 10!?!? This song is awesome but I even admit that Natalia Kills wrecked the song a bit with her horrid vocals, that didn't wreck the song though because of LMFAO's lyrics and of course the beat/chorus.

This song is just excellent to keep you partying rocking all night! They are the greatest artists of 2011. Sexy and I Know It is the second best because it is really catchy.

Epic best song ever to have for a party so shake that bottle and make it pop. No songs ever written like it. LMFAO rule the pop world of awesomeness. They are truly Epical. Super awsesome here we come. Pop your champaign while listening to this amazing song, actually I can't believe that this isn't The top LMFAO song!

Redfoo and skyblu singh the song very well and dancing

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5 Sorry for Party Rocking


This is a really really good song from LMFAO in my opinion. It reminds me abit of Sexy And I Know It and that is probably why I like it so much. The vocals won't win any awards but the beat is great. SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING!

This should be number 1 it is a very good song awesome lyrics it is kind of catch my favorite lmfao song is definitely this son


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6 Yes

Its lyrics are easy to remember and easy to sing along to. Also, great beat to jam with

You know it is the song of LMFAO that I always sing, very easy to remember and very entertaining, when I hear it I feel like nothing else.

Beautiful song! I love how it's catchy yet it has a deep meaning behind it, which isn't apparent at first sight! Should replace "Sorry For Party Rocking! "

The music video. enough said.

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7 La La La

Should b top 5 I love this song so much I listen to it everyday.. This song is what put me on LMFAO I love Sky Blue his is so sexy! And I LOVE the video it was Amazing times 1,000,000,000... You make me wanna say La La La La La La La La

One of their first hits and I would always listen to this song on the radio when it would come on. I never really expected a love song from LMFAO but wow! I was impressed.

Oh come on... Number 10? Deserves to be at least at 3rd after party rock anthem and I am sexy and I know it... VOTE PEOPLE!

The best song in the world

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8 Love Lockdown Remix
9 I'm in Miami Bitch

I'm in Miami Bitch! Everyone knows the lyrics. I love just blasting this song when chillin with people, then everyone suddenly starts singing along. Nobody doesn't love this song.

I love that song! How could you put Yes and La La La before it?!

I lovee this song! Party rock anthem is a close second, but this is their best!

10 One Day

Catchy and this defiantly one of my favorite songs on SORRY FOR PARTY ROCKING I'm coming to see you guys! I'm so excite for your next album!

Really doesn't sound like any of their other songs and I would never expect it to be as good as it is. Great song that you will love or hate but I really do love it and the beat is top notch

The only reason why "One Day" or "Yes" won't win this vote is because nobody has heard them yet. The beats for both of these songs are catchy and the messages which basically say "I'm going to go out and get what I want" are stellar.

Best song lmfao have done. Different and excellent beat

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11 I'm in Miami Trick

This is where all started and the first song I listened, I was on a cuncert and this played, everybody was jumping around, I remember that I was recording the show and my camera fall down like 3 times...

You woyld have to be crazy to not like this song

12 I Am Not a Whore
13 Scream My Name
14 Lil' Hipster Girl
15 Best Night

C�'mon people, those are THE beats

16 Reminds Me of You

Awesome beat I love it

17 Rock the Beat

Great music needs more lyrics and it could be in the top ten

18 Bounce

To ma freakies! To ma freakies! To ma freakies! To ma freakies! To ma freakies!

19 Take It to the Hole
20 With You
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