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21 Hot Dog V 1 Comment
22 Shooting Star

"Shooting Star" is the debut solo single of hip hop artist David Rush, also known as Young Bo$$, from his debut album Feel the Rush Vol. 1. It features Kevin Rudolf, LMFAO, and rapper Pitbull. The single version is the "Party Rock" remix of the original song, which did not feature LMFAO.

YOUNG BO$$ & RUDOLF'S Version when romantically inclined... LMFAO Version when feel like DANCING... LOVE RUDOLF'S VOICE on BOTH VERSIONS... - drpatdoro

V 1 Comment
23 Get Crazy

Due to popularity this is underrated, but due to the actual beat, rhythm this is a great song. I would definitely pick this to be in a club.

One of my favorite workout song - adhler

24 Gettin' Over You

"Gettin' Over" is a song by French DJ David Guetta and American singer Chris Willis from Guetta's fourth studio album One Love. A remix titled "Gettin' Over You" with additional vocals by Fergie and LMFAO was released as the fifth single from One Love on April 12, 2010. The song became Guetta's first number-one hit in France and topped the dance charts in the United Kingdom and United States. It reached top five positions in Australia, Austria, Ireland, Italy and New Zealand.

It's so good! It's stuck in my head when the first time I heard it!
Listen to it, I think it'll stuck in yours!

25 We Came Here to Party
26 Rock the Beat II

Easily the best lmfao song. Catchy, dubstep like song,

27 Falling Down
28 Let the Bass Kick in Miami Bitch
29 Outta Your Mind
30 All Night Long

Easily my favourite LMFAO song, very underrated

Really a nice song!

31 Put That Ass to Work V 2 Comments
32 Drink
33 Run to You

This has flo rida as the main artist and redfoo as the ft guy and it has a sample of Bryan Adams this is a good son I think it was a good idea that redfoo and flo rida came together and made this song I wish it does well on the votes

34 I Can't Dance

Silent killing music, but in this song I can dance!

35 Smack the Paparazzi
36 Sucks to Be You
37 Let's Get Ridiculous
38 New Thang V 1 Comment
39 New Thang
40 I Shake, I Move
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