Best Looking Philippine Singers of 2011

Top 10 best looking singers in the Philippines

- Mass appeal, on screen appeal, how do they look off-cam and of course cuteness and charm :)

Based on their Pictures, videos and live performance..

The Top Ten

1 Myrus

if you've already heard him singing?... you'll fell inlove with him, over and over again!

for me.. he's really a great singer! sana mapasama sya sa ASAP

Myrus is HOT! He's even hotter when he sings!

I like his chinito look. CIUTE!

2 Christian Bautista

Christian popular in Indonesia, he has been collaborated with many singers in Indonesia and he also can sing in Bahasa very well. Recently he goes to Indonesian movie industry. He has good performance and personality. Ferry-Indonesia.

christian bautista is very charming and cute when he sings on stage!

Christian is so handsome, his voice are so aweome, why they choose in 2?

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3 Geoff Taylor
4 Erik Santos
5 Richard Poon
6 Kris Lawrence
7 Billy Crawford
8 Mark Bautista
9 Chris Cayzer
10 Jay Perillo

The Contenders

11 Khalil Ramos

Awesome and nice with a very good voice.

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