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21 Granny
22 Road Runner Road Runner
23 Melissa Duck
24 Terry Delgado

He is Daffy's Rival Bowler In To Bowl Or Not To Bowl.

Oh, I hate this jerk.

25 Lola's Dad

Lola's Dad Is So Cool and Friendly. Most Fathers Underestimate Their Daughters Boyfriends Whaen He Comes Over For Lunch And/or Dinner But He was understanding, happy, friendly, and welcoming of Bugs. He Didn't like Daffy though, though I wouldn't either if Daffy stole my Registration Number. I'm sorry there are 2 Lola's Dad's and 2 Lola's moms. I just got to impatient and typed them in both twice, sorry

There Are Only 1 Lola's Dad and only 1 Lola's Mom. The mistake waz' in my old list. Lola's Dad is absolutely awesome! #1673

Bugs" She doesn't know anything about me".
Lola" See, I Told you he was funny".
Lola and Her Family Chuckle"Huhuhuhuhuhhuh".
Lola's Dad then states: Oh, he's wonderful". ( see how nice and wonderful Lola's Dad is complimenting Bugs like that).

26 Lola's Mom
27 Phyllis

Phyllis" One Of The Club Members Just Got Engaged".
Daffy says to the waitress" Darling Send them one of your best bottles of bubbly", "And regard it to 1673".
Phyllis"Someone's bugging for club president".

Daffy"I heard that Abe likes Blondes. "
Phyllis pushes her hair up just a bit
Daffy remarks: "Natural blondes Phyllis"
Girls AT The Rococogocc laugh

28 Aggie
29 Dicky
30 Abe

He didn't eve appeared for crying out loud! He was just mentioned in an episode.

31 Estelle
32 Witch Lezah

Which Hazel Was Alright In The Old Looney Tunes Series, but Now Which Lezah Is So Awesome! Which Lezah Has A Very Sassy Attitude! I Love The Sassy Black Woman Voice, Hey, It's Cool!

33 Suburban Strangler
34 Zachary
35 Crusher
36 Starlett Johansson
37 Charlie Dog
38 Cecil Turtle
39 Beaky Buzzard
40 Mama Bear
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