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Aragorn II, the son of Arathorn II and Gilraen, is a fictional character from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium and is one of the main protagonists of The Lord of the Rings. He was a great ranger and warrior, and as Isildur's heir he bore the shards of Narsil, reforged and renamed Andúril, in the War more.


Legolas was my favorite character before, but now, for some reason, it is switched to Aragorn! He is incredibly humble, so much history in him, and so courageous. He is very inspiring to the people of Middle Earth and people on the earth right now. He is willing to do anything to save his friends and everyone. He is not my king, but my god (ok I'm going a bit overboard, but hey, that's the truth when it comes to me :')) His speech at the battle at the Black Gates, the speech he gave when he got crowned king, and when he said 'you boy to no one' meant so much for me. Never gave up. On top of his virtues and his personality, he has super powers! He is extremely skilled with the sword, even the actor used an actual iron sword to film it. If his sword was a lightsaber, I'm pretty sure that he would've killed Palpatine so easily. He took like a thousand orcs with no problem. I am constantly looking for somebody that was his personality but this is impossible in the real world...

I am shocked that Aragorn is second to LEGOLAS of all people. It was a tough choice between Aragorn and Faramir, but Aragorn just had to win for me. His personal growth as he goes from being a discouraged Ranger who would rather hide his identity and use his Numenorean blood to fight from the shadows into a fierce and noble King of men who embraces his title and his people's need for a leader is so amazingly inspiring. We all struggle with fears and doubts, and Aragorn was no different, his were just a thousand times more direly important than most people's. But he overcame his fears and doubts, and in a splendid fashion too. He proved he was a man of such fierce devotion and willpower when Frodo offered him the ring and he turned it away like almost no other man (other than Faramir) could. He was a fiercely loyal friend who did everything possible to save Mary and Pippin, he won many great battles with his bravery and leadership, and in the end he plunged into impossible odds where ...more

He fights and refuses to fight for the right reasons every time and although nearly everyone around him in the series succumbs to the power of the ring, he remains strong and in control the whole time. To me, he was the hero more than Frodo because even when he and Frodo went separate ways, he continued to do all he could even though some would say it wasn't their fight anymore

I'm not sure if it should be him or Gandalf, but I'm going with Aragorn because he is the greatest warrior of all. He saved the hobbits many times. And the scene at the gates of Mordor is just EPIC! And also he is hot, hehe.

Aragorn is by far the best character in the books and movies, even though he was slightly different in both of them. He is a warrior, a healer, and a leader of men. He inspires men to do good, and he's pretty kick butt with that sword. Perhaps I'm just biased though, my father named me Strider, and I'm very proud of my namesake.

I love the background of his character, and the depth of him, and the fact of his struggling with the past and how his journey through the series helps him to accept and truly become the King of Gondor. He is also so incredibly humble and genuinely compassionate. I also love how he is strong and an amazing swordsman, however he is also gentle and caring. Arwen is a lucky lady!

When first watching the movies, they make it seem as if Frodo is the main character. NOT TRUE! Aragorn is the character that the story focuses on the most. There's no, "Return of the Hobbit", movie.

Aragorn is the king. He saves the hobbits tons of times. Marries arwen. Walks through the paths of the dead. Can track/hunt anything. Kills what he feels like killing aka orcs, trolls etc. Is the leader of the fellowship after gandalf "dies". And is the toughest of the fellowship beside gandalf. Aragorn = chuck Norris. Chuck Norris = awesome

Aragorn is the boss! He is so complex and yet you feel you understand him. I love him as he is so strong and clever and he is so caring for his friends. Arwen and him are the best match I really like his skill

Ever since I saw the hobbit battle of the 5 armies and what Legolas did, I've had different feeling about him. He makes another character lose significance. I prefer aragorn now.

Aragorn is THE GREATEST! He is brave and is a very interesting character in both the books and movies. He is heroic and a perfect king even though he is used to life in the wild.

I always hear about how Legolas is so much better than Aragorn but Aragorn has one thing that Legolas doesn't, personality. You don't root for Legolas the way you do Aragorn. - CMNYYDJFAN

Come on he carried most of the films and always was the best out of the others, also everyone waited for him to be King even if they didn't like him

He was my Sexy guy till Kili came along, but I vote him up! Anyone else? Like seriously he is amazing, Under all the dirt and rags I still see a handsome man, worth watching.

Awesome guy, even has a game based around him, by the way, epic game, he is awesome at the black gate, commanding the free men of middle earth - maethordhinen

Without Aragorn's leadership who would've kept Legolas and gimli in line?

As much as I love Legolas... :'( I must admit that Aragorn is the best character in LOTR. I think it's the fact that despite his position of power, he's still incredibly humble. He always puts other's safety before his own and does what ever it takes to protect the ones he loves. He's also very wise, smart, charming, generous, and all around awesome. His strength, and skills in combat make him badass too. Love all LOTR characters but Aragorn is the king ;). - mel0328

I must say he was the best character. Not only was he cool but he had a dope flow as well.

I think Aragorn is a great character in the books AND the movies even though he is pretty different between them. He's humble, brave, and extremely loyal; and Viggo Mortensen did a stellar job with his complex character. He gets even better if you read the Appendices in LOTR. His dad died when he was 2, so he goes to live with Elrond and he thinks he's his kid until he gets "the talk". Like one day after he finds out he isn't Elrond's son, he meets Arwen and falls in love, then leaves to go kill bad guys with Gandalf. Overall it is a super cool story that really adds to Aragorn's character.

This guy is a legend. He is the hero and epic fighter and leader that you would expect. 10 out of 10 he is awesome

I say Aragorn, because is character so deep, viggo performance is outstanding.

Aragorn is brave. He is not power hungry to take the throne. And he didn't take the ring from Frodo because he swore to protect him.

He is kind and caring and amazing with the sword and rugged and good looking.

Aragon had always been one of the best characters in the Lord of the Rings. Viggo Mortenson did such a wonderful job, he embedded himself in the character (he even took his sword with him when he went out to eat! ) Aragorn has always and will always resemble someone of great power and strength but honesty, nobility and humbleness, for hasn't it always been the ones who didn't want the throne that were best fit to sit in it?

Aragorn is the best character because he is a good and humble person even though he is destined to do great things!