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Frodo Baggins is a fictional character and is the main protagonist of J. R. R. Tolkien's novel The Lord of the Rings. He was a Hobbit of the Shire during the Third Age. He was also a Ring-bearer, a best friend to Samwise Gamgee, and one of the three Hobbits who sailed from Middle-earth to the Uttermost more.


For all of you saying "Frodo is a wimp," "a coward," "he did nothing," and so on, think about it. Can you even imagine what it would have been like to keep the ring for a year? Sam was tempted after less than a day, so stop saying he would've been a better ring-bearer. There's a reason that Frodo of all people was entrusted with it. The whole point is that he was this little hobbit who had to go through such an enormous ordeal. If you missed that then you missed the greatest point of this masterful trilogy! Don't make flippant comments about the main character of a story that you love so much. Think about it first.

Frodo went though a lot more and lost more than any of the other characters. I find it insulting to find Legolas, the overrated 'badass', to be at no. 1. He was the most important. He was the one carried the damn ring to Mount Doom and threw it in (technically, he fought with Gollum over it and caused him and the ring to fall in, but you get what I mean'). He went though being stabbed twice and loosing one of his fingers while the others came out in one piece. As for that, Frodo, you are the greatest and best character in Lord of the Rings.

I had a hard time watching Frodo struggle through about 90% of the series. His situation was dire, but he was the only one that had the courage to destroy the ring. He basically gave his life to save the earth from Sauron, even though he made it through the end. A true hero.

I'm only voting because you are all stupid, FRODO did absolutely NOTHING THE ENTIRE TIME! He never wore the ring, only to hide, and HID FROM EVERY SINGLE ENEMY! There is no reason he should be on this list unless you, like me, are explaining his stupidity. Bilbo had the hardest quest, travelling with wanted dwarves, fighting a DRAGON, he was also not tempted by the ring, but he ACTUALLY kept it WITH HIM. Bilbo didn't hide behind anyone like Frodo did. You don't see Frodo fighting a dragon, do you? Bilbo had the hardest quest. Frodo hid behind Sam and Gandalf. You are all fools.

Honestly not one of you can understand what he went through ohkay? Yes he acts annoying but you guys don't understand how addictive and alluring the ring was... It's like being thirsty and having water just in front of you but staying away from it because it is the right thing to do! He deserves to be the number 1 character! Also in the process of doing this ring destroying... He gave everything he was... Besides having such flawless skin and such beautiful eyes don't hurt...

Frodo had the purest of hearts and only he could have got the ring to Mt Doom and kept so uncorrupted by it nearly all the way. Of course all the other heroes had good hearts. But only Frodo could've done it.

Sam wanted to turn back at Rivendell. Sam was also bad towards Gollum (with good cause) and would quite easily have killed him. Frodo had to stop Sam attacking Gollum all the time. Imagine what Sam would've been like to Gollum if Sam was the ring bearer.

Even though Frodo knew Gollum wanted to kill him and take the ring, he was still kind to him and knew they needed his help to destroy the ring, even though the ring had its power over him for months. I know Frodo lost his willpower at the very end, but I doubt there was anyone in Middle Earth who could've dropped that ring. - Budvar123

Frodo is the main protagonist. A lot of people (unfortunately) don't know that. He took the ring seriously. He knew he had to take matters into his own hands. Even as he fell to the rings power he kept going and didn't stop. He is one wise hobbit.

He has the strongest yet quietest personality and the biggest responsibilities. He never gave up even when it was hardest. Also he is really cute ;) (Elijah Wood! )

Frodo Baggins is very persistent in not falling into the rings power. Frodo also bears the hardest challenge. Destroying the ring. I vote for Frodo Baggins

In my opinion, Frodo IS THE BEST CHARACTER IN LORD OF THE RINGS! A lot of people who I meet says: 'Frodo IS NOT the best becouse he is weak, fearful and he does not to believe his friends. Yes but he has got the One Ring and Ring caused he is who he is. FRODO IS AMAZING AND I LIKE HIM SO MUCH!

Hi everyone! Lots of people do not like Frodo the most but I know- he is the best character. Someone's tell me: he is a tragic character. Why all I meet like Legolas or Aragorn the most? I don't speak English very well but I can say this: GO FROODOO! YOU ARE THE BEST IN LORD OF THE RINGS!

Frodo Baggins is the main character for a reason. Although he does not slice heads like Aragorn, or shoot arrows like Legolas, or Sprint like Gimli. Frodo is awesome. He is relatable, cool, and has a very interesting personality, He is just the BEST!

While he seemed to be a crybaby at times, you have to remember that he had a huge burden. His good heart meant something and helped keep him going throughout his journey

Frodo is by far the sweetest character and has to go through the most out of everyone. And it helps that he is hot hot HOT! Frodo forever

He had the hardest mission of all. Why does everyone hate him?

Frodo bears the heaviest burden of all. He is the heart of the story.

I fell deeply in love with this character! It doesn't hurt to mention that he's not hard to look at either, adorable! It's his spirit I guess, his courage and braveness.

Aragorn and Gandalf are amazing, but Frodo is the main character and really moves the plot. - Mitchoo22

Fr d more than anyone in the trilogy. He had the ring f very long time and never gave in ( at the very end... but we will overlook that. everyone has their slip ups :) ) Frodo is loving, loyal, sweet, and ADORABLE! His friendship with Sam is just heartbreakingly wonderful. I feel like Frodo is always over looked, even though he is the true hero. He is my favorite character and I LOVE him. GO FRODO

I think so to. Frodo took on himself the duty to destroy the ring and that alone for me makes him my favorite.

With a bunch of help from Sam, he saves middle earth

Frodo isn't powerful. He isn't an elven archer, a wizard, or dwarf warrior. But that's what makes him awesome. If a powerful person did it, would it be as impressive? His spirit, heart, and determination is what makes him great.

There is no way legolas is better character than frodo, FRODO > All characters

He sacrifices for all the rest. He gives his life for Middle Earth.

Frodo is so amazing because in all the trilogy go frodo baggins