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21 Balrog

Its a baddass demon of the ancient world. And is the coolest looking thing more so than any other on all three films. Welds a huge flaming sword and whip. Also it kills gandalf, well sort of. Would have been awesome to see it rampage at the battle of helms deep or somthing. By far my favorite character even though its time on screen or in the book was short lived.

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22 Treebeard

He is a giant talking tree! You can't get much cooler than that!

Don't be hasty!

I love treebeard! Especially because Tolkien based the ents upon Shakespeare's tragedy, macbeth. by the way he's just pure epic.


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23 Theoden

Don't we all wish that we can look as cool as he did when we get old. Leader of Rohan.

Why does theoden appear twice? He was pretty cool though, and Rohan reminds me of Beowulf.

Why is he so low?!

Théoden looks like a sick dog

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24 Haldir

Haldir is Epic! He led his people to fight at helms deep, knowing that he and his brethren would be severely out numbered. In fact. Most if not all of the elves fell defending the keep while the men retreated inside. true hero

Yes! Haldir is a beast! He is so epic. It takes guts to say no to your friends when they need your aid (though he lets them through). Plus, he is epic in the Battle of Helms Deep. A True Warrior. - ohchizzitskriv

Yes I love Haldir. He is currently number two on my fictional character crush list number one is Legolas. MY ELVES!

Haldir is c9ol. Like his costume and he's my favorite elf.

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25 Azog Azog

Main antagonist of first hobbit movie. He is still a strong orc.


26 Eomer

He is a true knight and loyal to his people and his king. You can clearly see that he is born in the purple. A noble man, handsome and of course KICK ASS!

The best and most underused character!

Eomer is badass and most importantly, he is HOT.

Love how much he cares for Eowyn, he is a warrior to be proud of!

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27 Khamul

He is the steward of Dol Guldur and the right hand of the witch kings+he has command of over 100,000 Easterlings

28 Nazgûl

So awesome they could be taken down by the best (aka argon)

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29 Bard the Bowman

Dude this guy killed smaug an unbeatable dragon bigger than him.

He's in the Hobbit people. Why are there dwarves in the Hobbit on this list?

He is in the hobbit. Do some research. - IronSabbathPriest

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30 Gil-Galad

Who the heck is Gil galad?

I know him, he is awesome

Last high king of elves

Gil-Galad was the king of the high elves and possibly the most powerful elf ever to live(Glorfindel, though), and although he was never in the film, he was in the Battle in the fields of Gorgoroth, aka Battle of the Last Alliance, and he and Elendil both layed down their lives and died defeating Sauron.(This was never in the films, but nobody claimed that PJ was completely lore friendly. In fact, he isn't at all.)

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31 Samwise Gamgee Samwise Gamgee


32 Smeagol

He looks better when he is Gollum

Crucial to the story- he led Frido and Sam to Mordor

33 Tauriel

Tauriel is not canon, she shouldn't even technically be on this list.

Watch her shoot! Legolas fancies her! She is the best warrior (excluding Aragorn) and she saves Kili the dwarf.

She is totally kick-butt! She's not the 'too pretty to act' Arwen- she's a warrior. love her!

I hate her. She is not even in the books and she is too much of a mary sue - And pretty much no one except little girls like mary sues. The "love triangle" between her, Kíli and Legolas was nothing but pointless and together with her even being in the movies, it led to neglecting many important things - such as the importance of the brotherly relationship between Fíli.and Kíli.

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34 Thorin

He defeated Azog 3 times, (one was actually Bilbo) and killed him in the last battle, though it cost Thorin his life. And you can see how big Azog is! He's a giant! Like 8 ft tall. And a small dwarf (I'm not forgetting that dwarves are powerful) killed him. I guess I should give a little credit to Azog to, though, for he did kill Thorin.

35 King Theoden

Brave and loving

He is a true lover of his people; he acts out of their best interest. He is brave and bold, especially when he has the Horn of Helm Hammerhand blow as he charges out of the Hornburg into certain death. He is also admiringly stubborn and knows he has a duty to the entirety of Middle Earth (aka saving Minas Tirith) rather than just what's within his own borders.
"Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn. Forth Eorlingas! "

36 Radagast the Brown

Why the movie make him look like an idiot?

I think Radagast is so funny, and really cool!

He may be weird but he actually plucked up the courage to enter dol guldur. He was attacked by the witch king but made it out alive.

37 The Mouth of Sauron

This guy could've been the return of the king's main antagonist.

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38 Bombur

Huh Bombur is hilarious. He took out a bunch of orcs in a barrel not really intending too. laugh out loud���"

39 Dwalin
40 Mordor Orc
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