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41 Thranduil

Are you kidding? How is he possibly so low on this list?

He is Legolas ada

He is fabulous. King of mirkwood. What more do you want

Legoalas is the reason I like him

42 Glorfindel

He killed a Balrog. Not many other characters can claim that (excluding Gandalf).

Read the books. Glorfindel is the one who takes Frodo to Rivendell, not Arwen. They messed it up in the movie.

He saved Frodo, not Arwen.


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43 Lurtz

He's not in the book, therefore I do not care about him.

He doesn't feel if someone put a Sword into his body

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44 Kili

A great sport when he got shot in the leg

Kili deserves to be higher on the list.

When tauriel is caught between Legolas and kili, "who should I choose? The pretty, suncatching Prince of Mirkwood, or this short, dragon hunting handsome rogue?

45 Filli
46 Shagrat
47 Morgoth Morgoth

The first antagonist in all of middle earth and took down almost everybody he only lost because the valior teamed up with everyone else and he created the suaron the balrogs and the dragons also the werewolves he is just so powerful that even at the end when they subdue him he would come back at the end of middle earth, look the battle of wrath!

48 Nob V 2 Comments
49 Isildur

Good job, killing Sauron the first time!

50 Brego
51 Gothmog

Gothmog shows arrogance. Especially through this quote:"the age of a man is over... the time of an orc has come". His voice is still funny though.

He is the lord of the balrogs, he is the General of Morgoths armies, he had higher position than sauron had! If you are'nt convinced-HE KILLED FEANOR!

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52 Beorn
53 Balin
54 Bolg V 1 Comment
55 Fimbul
56 King of the Dead

DUDE, he can't be killed except by the king of Rohan or by a higher power!
He leads an army of dead dudes (or cursed, its debatable)

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57 Ugluk
58 Ent
59 Elros

Elrond's twin brother that was so fearless that he chose being a human (mortal) over an eternity of good food and hanging around pretty elves. + I like his name.

60 Gamling
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