Best Lord of the Rings Characters

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61 Braga
62 Hama
63 Halbarad
64 Fingolfin
65 Maedhros V 1 Comment
66 Alatar
67 Pallando
68 Zekithir
69 Shadowfax

You can't get much better than Shadow fax. The Lord of all horses.

Lord of horses. He is stunning, wise, and the best horse ever

At first I thought He was a Unicorn, but he has no unihorn on his forehead.

So fast and pretty

V 3 Comments
70 Gloin

Why, for some reason do I imagine him in a white tuxedo?

V 2 Comments
71 The Mouth of Sauron

This guy could've been the return of the king's main antagonist.

V 2 Comments
72 Grima Wormtongue V 1 Comment
73 Celeborn

Husband of Galadriel. Lord of Lóthlorien. He is called Celeborn the wise for his wisdom.

74 Tauriel

Tauriel is not canon, she shouldn't even technically be on this list.

Watch her shoot! Legolas fancies her! She is the best warrior (excluding Aragorn) and she saves Kili the dwarf.

She is totally kick-butt! She's not the 'too pretty to act' Arwen- she's a warrior. love her!

I hate her. She is not even in the books and she is too much of a mary sue - And pretty much no one except little girls like mary sues. The "love triangle" between her, Kíli and Legolas was nothing but pointless and together with her even being in the movies, it led to neglecting many important things - such as the importance of the brotherly relationship between Fíli.and Kíli.

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75 Yazneg
76 Great Goblin V 1 Comment
77 Gorbag
78 Narzug
79 Mûmakil Mahûd
80 The Corsairs of Umbar
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