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21 Rock the Hell Outta You

guitar, guitar and more guitar

Second best song, after 'Hellbender Turbulence'

22 Night of the Living Dead
23 This Is Halloween
24 Beast Loose In Paradise

This song is very underrated! It's my favorite after Hard Rock Hallelujah.

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25 Mr. Killjoy

like the name, love the song

26 Pet the Destroyer

This is my other favorite song next to Blood Red Sandman. Both killer songs! These are songs I could never get bored with. Rock on!

Best song ever!

27 Icon of Dominance

Are there many heavy metal bands of 21st century that can make so beautiful song without getting cheesy?

28 Bite It Lika a Bulldog
29 Bringing Back the Balls to Rock

It is a very deadly song if you like rock or metal

30 Missing Miss Charlene

This in my opinion is Lordi at their very best. That poetic signature storytelling ambience 100% ON POINT. Dramatic and catchy as hell at the same time. And that epic twist of course.

31 Nonstop Nite
32 Wake the Snake

Its number one to me

33 Hell Sent In the Clowns
34 Candy for the Cannibal
35 Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
36 Raise Hell In Heaven
37 Devil's Lullaby
38 Sincerely With Love
39 Scare Force One
40 How to Slice a Whore
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