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41 A Better Nothing

This song should be at least in the top 15, one of the best tracks off The Betrayed which is actually a pretty good album and very underrated. Vote A Better Nothing, do it now!

Definitely my favorite song off of The Betrayed, amazing lead up to an AMAZING chorus. This song should be in the top 10!

It's just stunning. Just.

42 Goodbye Tonight
43 We Still Kill the Old Way

This is an amazing intro song for Start Something. Easily one of the best tracks on the album and an underrated lostprophets song!

44 Kobrakai

Best intro ever, rest of the song is meh though, shame

45 AC Ricochet
46 Cry Me a River
47 All Ways Always

I expected this to be the first best song, shocked that it is not on the list! This is an amazing song and super catchy

48 Heart On Loan
49 Sweet Dreams My LA Ex
50 Everybody's Screaming!!!
51 Need You Tonight
52 Sway


And exceptionally underrated.

"The Light That Shines Twice as Bright..." was a noble effort at recreating the imagination shown here.

Too underrated, damn.
Just listen to the vocals, read the lyrics, be fully caught by the outro...

This could really be a masterpiece.

53 Streets of Nowhere

I know it's not the most well known song but I do think that it's pretty awesome

54 A Little Reminder That I'll Never Forget
55 Another Shot

This is a close first with Rooftops, lyrics and beat is fantastic. The acustics version is just as good. This band continues to produce fantastic music which you never get tired of.

56 Five Is a Four Letter Word
57 Awkward
58 Lately
59 The Dead

Brilliant song from the new album, the chorus will ring in your minds for eternity seriously. It's a pity no one's heard of it because they haven't released it officially. And also listen to Save Yourself from Weapons; another gem of a track that should have been a single.

60 Drag Me Down
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