Best Lou Reed Songs

The Top Ten

1 Perfect Day

Lou reed just keeps me hangin on I will miss lou R.I. P

You just keep me hanging'on.

It’s just a perfect day

2 Walk on the Wild Side

Holly came from Miami FLA...

RIP Lou Reed and David Bowie
Greatest artists of all time! - SomewhereInLondon

Hey baby...

So catchy, RIP Lou - Nintendonix

3 Dirty Blvd.

This song is perfect, powerful lyrics, catchy riff, great singing, all you can ask for in a song. Best Lou Reed - top 5 all-time - Hoobu_Streetman

4 Vicious
5 Ride Into the Sun
6 Intro / Sweet Jane
7 What's Good
8 Sick of You
9 Hangin' Round
10 Waves of Fear

The Contenders

11 Satellite of Love
12 Sally Can't Dance
13 The Blue Mask

Nice feedback squeals from guitars and a hard rocking band, the best he had in my opinion

14 I Love You, Suzanne
15 Sword of Damocles
16 Oh Jim
17 Street Spirit (Fade Out) - Radiohead

Best lou reed sonng

18 Ecstasy
19 Cheat On Me
20 The Day John Kennedy Died
21 I'm So Free
22 This Magic Moment
23 Lisa Says
24 Love Makes You Feel
25 Ocean
26 Strawman
27 Kill Your Sons
28 Ride Sally Ride
29 How Do You Think It Feels
30 Caroline Says II
31 The View
32 The Kids - Lou Reed

Come on! This is his greatest song, after Walk on the Wild Side. Good lyrics

33 Romeo Had Juliette
34 Rock and Roll Heart
35 The Bells
36 Tranquilize

Great song - MTDiorio19

37 Hello It's Me
38 Sad Song
39 Coney Island Baby

"Man, I'd swear, I'd give the whole thing up for you"

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