Best Luba Songs

A criminally underrated artist with a great talent, always overlooked and nearly forgotten, here's to one of "The Great Female Artists".

The Top Ten

1 Every Time I See Your Picture - Album/acoustic Version

A very emotional song about a loss in ones life... album version is classic but the acoustic version is timeless - georgegoony

2 Let It Go

A very interesting mix of calypso/carnaval pop which went top 10 in her home country, shame that she and her fellow artists never went deeper with this original sound... Britian had reggae in the early 80s and Canada had Calypso/Carnaval pop - georgegoony

Love your song Luba and ily

3 No More Words

Another beautiful ballad from an underrated artist... - georgegoony

4 Storm Before the Calm

Luba gets in touch with her more RNBish side for this great song of the past and I must say she really doesn't hold back giving it her all - georgegoony

5 How Many

Produced and arranged by " Narada Michael Walden " who worked with " Whitney Houston " & " Jermaine Stewart " Narada helps luba in bringing out her RnB side, song did well for Luba but not a strong hit internationally as her recorded company in Canada had hoped - georgegoony

6 Little Salvation

A much different direction and sound for Luba, a more high-energy Folk/acoustic pop and it did very well but not as well as her early years... shame - georgegoony

7 Let Me Be the One

Luba returns with a more adult oriented sound and creates a very beautiful piece of work, this ballad is only next to her signature song " every time I see your picture " - georgegoony

8 Innocent

A very underrated slice of top 40,80s pop... and over looked by her many fans - georgegoony

9 Is She a Lot Like Me

Another recent release from a very overlooked album, Luba drives through alanis morrisettes neighbourhood with this very overlooked folkish-pop track - georgegoony

10 Giving Away A Miracle

Another Folk/acoustic pop song from the same album as " no more words, another top hit and fan favourite from " Luba " - georgegoony

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