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21 Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)

A smooth song with a good flow not to mention lyrical genius one of his best. Although I do have to say to many in the top ten from lasers not his best album

It's got catchy flow (goes without saying, it's Lupe) and says something meaningful like it ain't no thing.

"Rich man, poor man, we all gotta pay because freedom ain't free 'specially round my way"

22 Shining Down

One of his best definetily... Amazing chorus and very catchy lyrics... I din know how come it is so down... Please vote it up... Definitely top three...

This can't be way down in no. 28!
One of his best songs ever, pity no one's heard it much

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23 Dots and Lines

The whole concept of this song is dope. Powerful lyrics. The beat is just dope. All around great song.

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24 Bitch Bad

This should be at least #2. Fun fact: This, along with Eminem's No Love, are the only two songs Rap Critic has rated a 6 out of 5. - WonkeyDude98

Bitch bad, woman good, lady better... They misunderstood!

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25 The Emperor's Soundtrack

Hard to get, but so awesome lyrics with an amazing flow

26 Lamborghini Angels

Lyrically, one of the best songs of all time... No doubt

27 Paris, Tokyo

This should definitely be in the top 10. Just listen to the lyrics. I would love to spit such a song to my girl

Great song and can't help but smile when this track comes on

28 All Black Everything

Pretty deep song, at first glance seems to be against his message as racist, but has a deeper meaning than what is first perceived.

Oh my! How is this not top 3. Its an incredible tune. The lyrics have insane depth and the instrumental is great also

29 Fighters

Why?.makes sad to see this track not somewhere at the top.hear lupe brings us down to earth, he shows his intimate side and makes you question what your purpose on earth is. 31 is my number 1

Why is this legendary song not on the list. Real lupe fans know that this song is crazy!
come on vote for it

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30 Letting Go

Most underrated Lupe song of all time

Love the introspection on this one

Best Song Ever. Very sexy song...

So good, so underrated

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31 Unforgivable Youth
32 Go Go Gadget Flow

Fiasco's flow in Go Go Gadget Flow along with his wordplay and execution is absolutely incredible. I encourage everyone to listen to the song with the lyrics in hand.

33 Ital (Roses)

Should be higher up nice flow, nice beat.

Good lyrics he keeps it real.

34 Super Lupe Rap

How is this not higher? This was amazing...

35 Sunshine

It's a shame that such a beautiful song is so low on the list.

Seriously, why is this song not in the top 10?

36 I Gotcha
37 I Don't Wanna Care Right Now V 1 Comment
38 He Say, She Say

Lupe has so many good songs that you can't even name them in any order. But I would listen to this over "The Show Goes On" any day

It's a shame that this song doesn't get more exposure. It's number 1 in my book.

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39 Break the Chain

To many damn lasers tracks in the top 50

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40 Old School Love

"Fire in your words but you got no warmth in your vocals"
I would like to think it's so low because its new. It's a great song.. And with Ed Sheeran on the chorus.. Oh the feels. Had it on repeat for a long while
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First track off Tetsuo And Youth. Just highlights his ability and lyrical genius!

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