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41 Kick, Push II Kick, Push II

What! Should be much higher.

42 Audubon Ballroom Audubon Ballroom

Just a feel good song.

43 Old School Love Old School Love

"Fire in your words but you got no warmth in your vocals"
I would like to think it's so low because its new. It's a great song.. And with Ed Sheeran on the chorus.. Oh the feels. Had it on repeat for a long while
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First track off Tetsuo And Youth. Just highlights his ability and lyrical genius!

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44 Mission Mission

Love this song so much! So deep, and the three stories he tells are all touching. It leaves me with goosebumps every time, especially at the end.

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45 Hello / Goodbye (Uncool)
46 Tilted Tilted
47 Say Yeah
48 Muhammad Walks
49 Deliver Deliver

Deliver off Tetsuo and Youth is one Lupe's best songs. It's unbelievable that this is #70 and on page 4. Apparently if artists say something meaningful in their songs people are scared away... Thank God Lupe did not "Dumb it Down" for this song.

Lyrical wordplay at its finest

Great message, great wordplay, great technique.

How is this not higher

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50 Adoration of the Magi

Easily one of his best top five songs. The double meanings in the verses, the hook that comes directly from classic album covers, the Sega genesis world religions comparisons (3 buttons/ you see somthin/ that's emphasis/ on genesis). Way too low on this list

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51 Blackout
52 Switch (The Science Project)
53 Conflict Diamonds

Definitely not the best lupe song but deserves attention. Love the Diamonds are forever in the background. Socially conscious. Great lyrics. Pure Lupe. - aashim.aggarwal

54 And He Gets the Girl

That Pharrell beat is great

55 Stereo Sun
56 State Run Radio State Run Radio
57 Hi-Definition Hi-Definition
58 Never Forget You Never Forget You

Really what? This song is great the lyrics in this song mean something (not saying his other songs don't because they do) but wow is this song not popular or my taste is that bad. Okay whatever

This is easily his most underrated song

This song is just amazing! It should be in the top 10 at least, very undderrated. ITS AMAZING!

59 SLR 2
60 Intruder Alert Intruder Alert

It just takes you some place, the beat and the lyrics are perfectly intertwined.

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