Best M.I.A. Songs

I absolutely love MIA and was shocked to see that she didn't already have her own list here. Please vote if you disagree.

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1 Paper Planes

One of the best electro music of all time... Really very amazing chorus... Heads off M.I.A... Salute to you really... Just listen to it for 1 time.. You will know why m saying this.. And trust me I mean it... Just love it...

Best M.I. A song, by far, electro and Indian music combined, makes a great state of relaxation in my head, and the song has powerful lyrics too, my favourite

M.I.A. has a lot of great songs, but let's be honest guys... This is far and away the best, with clever lyrics and an incredible instrumental. Arguably one of the best songs of all time, in my humble opinion.

An amazing do something bad song

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2 Bad Girls

Live fast its nice song b/c its touch my heart

3 Galang

Must Listen!

4 Boyz


5 Bucky Done Gun

I think that this song is very catching and rad out of every other song this one is neat.

6 Xxxo

It has one of the best messages made about pop music/culture while adding an addicting beat. It is a diffrent twist from MIAs usual work which also makes it better

7 Bird Flu
8 Hombre
9 Bamboo Banga


10 Borders

Politically aware song that has to do with the refugees. The world needs more artists like M.I.A.

Such an amazing perspective on the refugee crisis

Painfully underrated bop with an amazing message

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11 Born Free
12 Come Around

The beat and the lyrics go hand in hand. I LOVE this song. It's always on repeat. The music makes me think of India, and how her personality is

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13 Bring the Noize

She's slaying you all with this song

The beat is crazy. She goes off in this song

14 Sunshowers

Really sedative, imaginative and absolutely good song by M.I.A. love it!

Really touching chorus on a political issue

15 Amazon

I love this song. Very tropical beat and takes me to a diffrent world

16 Jimmy

Why wasn't this already on the list? It's so good! It's very catchy and I think it deserves to be much higher on this list.

17 20 Dollar

I can't believe this wasn't in the list! Com'on everyone! This electro song is amazing! It's one of her best by far

18 Double Bubble Trouble
19 Y.A.L.A
20 Xr2
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1. Paper Planes
2. Galang
3. Bad Girls
1. Paper Planes
2. Borders
3. Sunshowers
1. Boyz
2. Hombre
3. Bad Girls

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