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1 Midnight City

Yeah, the most amazing song out there. Hell if the Discovery channel is using it why not? It's a hit!

Well, it's by far the best. Can't stop listening to it over and over again. Joy to listen to!

This song is so cool! I love the different sounds and it's so creative...

We were staying in Paris... - ProPanda

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2 Wait

The most amazing song, I cried just listening to it

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3 We Own the Sky
4 Kim & Jessie
5 Reunion
6 Graveyard Girl
7 Don't Save Us from the Flames
8 Oblivion

Great sound track that would sound great for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar.

9 Steve McQueen
10 Teen Angst

The Contenders

11 Couleurs
12 Claudia Lewis
13 I Need You
14 Do It, Try It
15 I Guess I'm Floating

This NEEDS to be higher. It's a song that touches your heart when looking through pictures of your younger counterpart. - railfan99

16 Outro

Amazing song, bring you to everywhere in dreamland haha love it

17 Gone
18 A Guitar and a Heart
19 Run Into Flowers
20 My Tears Are Becoming a Sea
21 Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun
22 Intro
23 Teen Angst

This is already on here - railfan99

24 Unrecorded
25 This Bright Flash
26 Where the Boats Go
27 Safe
28 Walkway Blues
29 Go! (Feat. Mai Lan)
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1. Don't Save Us from the Flames
2. I Need You
3. Graveyard Girl
1. Midnight City
2. Wait
3. We Own the Sky
1. Midnight City
2. Kim & Jessie
3. Reunion

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