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1 Donald Trump

If you have listened to Mac Miller, you would know. This is his best song.

Best Mac Miller song! Catchy beat!

This song is the bomb! It is the best song by him and the best song ever. Has a very catchy beat

Great song, great memories. easily top 3 mac miller songs if not #1

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2 Nikes On My Feet

Sick song! Dope lyrics and dope beat.

I got no nikes haha but I love to hear this song when I'm on my way

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3 Best Day Ever

Some of Mac's best rapping is in this awesome song... It's a really chill beat that is a great opening to the Best Day Ever mixtape.

This song is the most relaxing, chill, dope song EVER

Macs Chill Songs are The Best and this is One Of Them

This song is sadly happy

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4 Senior Skip Day V 2 Comments
5 Objects in the Mirror

Just such a dope song

This is such a chill song, you can really hear the emotion in his voice amplified by this songs amazing beat

Why do people like his old music. This is his best album, any song from this album is better than anything in blue slide park, best day ever or any of that. What is wrong with the world?

Just very relaxed and can always vibe to this song

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6 Frick Park Market

HE goes hard in this song

This song in BEAST

Good song, good music video


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7 Knock Knock

The song's real awesome, really...

Way better than rest

It should be number two at least dude

By far my favorite Mac Miller song

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8 Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza V 2 Comments
9 Avian

Watching Movies With The Sound Off: easily best song

He wrote lyrics that make sense, rare in today's rappers.

Great song. Mac Sounds so badass

Best song on his best album ever

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10 Diablo

This is Mac's best song. No question about it. Donald Trump, Nikes on my Feet, Loud, all lacked good lyrics. Catchy beats but the lyrics didn't cut it, to be his best songs. This song has the good beat, flow, wordplay, lyrics, everything. This is his best song and I bet he would agree. Along with 100 grandkids.

One of his most lyrically sound songs. Good beat, great flow. This song is one of my favourites of all the time, and in my opinion his best song without a doubt. Aquarium, Matches and The Spins are up there as well, but Diablo tops the list. Mac's new music is a hell of a lot better than his old as well. Instead of catchy beats and hooks he focused more on lyricism and flow and I'm more than excited to see where he takes it next.

This was the song that got me hooked on Mac, his wordplay and flow in this song should put this song way higher on the list

Easily his best

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11 Watching Movies

This is literally the best song

Really good song, also on his best album

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12 Matches
13 The Spins

All around dope song. No Mac song will ever rock a party as hard as this one right here.

This is the song to listen to if you wanna get hyped up! It's such a good upbeat song!

Such a good, catchy beat that puts you in the moment- of life!

This song is just too much fun

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14 Loud

BEST SONG EVER... I play it in my car, almost breaking my speakers!

Loud and Donald Trump are the best songs I've heard by mac miller.

BEST Mac Mill hype Song. First song I heard from him still one of my favorites

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15 Smile Back

One of the best songs on "Blue Slide Park, " with an awesome beat and a bass a lot of artists would die for. And of course, his lyrics and delivery is solid and is one of his best songs.

One of the first Mac Miller songs I ever heard... This was the song that made me love what he does! Modern beat with amazing lyrics!

Best song on Blue Slide Park, Mac sounds energetic, killer flow and rhyming.

I love this song so much, it brings me so many memories.
Come on guys, vote for it

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16 The Star Room

The wordplay is quite good as he tells a story of stardom at the same time, and it has a dope beat.

Amazing beat and flow, very deep and cool

Very witty overall lyrically a gifted song the best was a little to cringy and loud but when the two combined it made one hell of a song!

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17 New Faces V2

Earl delivers one of his best verses to compliment Mac's great flow and rhyming to make this an awesome song.

Why is so much of his young and immature stuff in top ten? Very underrated song.

Most underrated song, I know every word to Earl and Mac's verses

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18 Aquarium

My favorite Mac song of all time. I can't believe this is so low.

Best song on the album.. Lyrically

The best on the album

Forever life but never nice we expedite the process,and every night I get advice cause life is way too complex. How is this so low?

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19 Thoughts From a Balcony

The best all around song

Awesome song my personal favorite. you should check it out

Pretty deep song for mac

U don't know mac if you don't know this! top 5 mac miller no question.

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20 He Who Ate All the Caviar

Great track, production handled by the man himself. Nothing too lyrical but something you can just bump with

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