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21 America
22 I Am Who Am

You actually need to listen to the lyrics of this song, Its deep, definitely one of my favorites.

Self Explanatory. Relatable and the production is beyond this world...

This song should be #1! The lyrics are deep and has a trippy sound to it.

23 Ignorant
24 Wedding

Favourite mac song easily

Oh my god this song gives me goose bumps

The lyrics are amazing

25 Someone Like You

Probably one of the best songs ever! It's so great and there's a great vibe to it! IT'S SICK!

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26 Outside
27 Another Night
28 Red Dot Music

No song by mac miller is quite as good as red dot music. Action Bronson is also a bonus

Just the beat alone is dope but mac and Bronson go hard in this song

Really deep and trippy song. Great stoned song.

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29 Angels (When She Shuts Her Eyes)

Lets get some love for macadelic tracks guys. this is a masterpiece

30 Gees

This song is amazing.

31 Lucky Ass Bitch
32 Wake Up

This is my favorite song from mac and yea some other songs might be lyrically better but there is something magical about this song mac was made to make this type of song and its beautiful to hear

People hate on mac miller cause he's white jk

33 Wear My Hat
34 Weekend

You should update this site. Come on we all know his new album has better songs

If you need a song to just vibe out to, look no further.

Best song on the album my party anthem

Best song ever

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35 Desperado

A very underrated song... It was the first song and second track off Macadelic and it was amazing! The fact that this song gave me goose bumps throughout the song and the beat was so different and it fit Mac's flow. This song will always be my favorite off the album and possibly my favorite Mac Miller song ever!
Mac has the best flow and the rhymes to match.

Absolutely one of his best songs. Deepest lyrics while still containing a great flow. Gives me shivers

It's one of those songs that you love from the first time you hear it.

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36 Salamander V 1 Comment
37 Missed Calls

His greatest song. I don't understand how it is this low

His best song of all time. How is this not higher? The music video is great too1

Top 10 song for sure, maybe even top 3 to be honest

Sweet song, better video

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38 Polo Jeans

Easily one of his best songs, The wordplay in unbelievable.

Faces will always be his best project with this being one of the best on the mixtape

39 Don't Mind If I Do

This definitely deserves better than 17, its a dope song.

This song go hard how's it this low man come on

How is this 28th? A great mac classic!

This song is too good

40 Fight the Feeling

This song is too dope. Kendrick and Iman kill it

Never can stop listening to this song

Why is this not higher?!?!?

Deep song with an awesome verse by K. Dot.

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