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61 La Familia
62 The Question V 2 Comments
63 One Last Thing

Why did no one think of this song? It's probably one of the most amazing chilling tracks I heard in my life. This Clams Casino beat almost redefined my view of hip hop and Mac is flowing as tight as he can with a great verse!

64 Goosebumpz

This song is easily top three on the album

65 Colors and Shapes

Vibe in this song is just unique. Wordplay, metaphors. Damn, I think this is his best work. Pure art.

66 New Faces
67 ROS
68 When In Rome

Best trap banger of all time

69 Doors

Beautiful intro

70 Oy Vey
71 Life Ain't Easy V 1 Comment
72 Aliens Fighting Robots

This song should honestly be in the top ten I have no idea why it's all the way down here

Should be top 10 easily.. Lyrically. "This lucid dream will have you go like half the dose of Adderall."

This song goes hard... Easily top ten did no one listen to Macadelic?

73 Onaroll
74 La La La La
75 Jerry's Record Store

Underrated joint, goes Harder than you think

76 Earth

Dope beat and verses

77 Get It On the Floor
78 Day One; A Song About Nothing

In my top ten for sure

79 Purple

Best song by mac hands down

80 On My S***
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