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21 Cleveland

Cleveland is the best hometown song I have ever heard in my life.

Everybody from the land rep

22 Alpha Omega

Should be way higher. The rap technique is so special in this

This song is mind-blowing from the beginning to the end. This should be at least in the top 10. From the lyrics to the beat to his sick flow, this song is just perfect. - maarilynmaanson

This song deserves #1. I will vote for this continuously to ensure that this incredible song gets the credit it deserves. This song is FIRE. - maarilynmaanson

The flow and wordplay is nutty and the beat is hard, probably kells best song y'all playing leaving it at number 22..

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23 Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello

Same I met my girlfriend sing this song

No comments. This song left me speechless.

The song is so good, I can't explain it. 2hat can I say? Its complicated...

How is this no 23? Really?

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24 Miss Me
25 Raise the Flag

Yes yes raise the flag... I'm sad her song isn't on here :(

Just so great song and video. Deserves higher

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26 All We Have

Top 5 song, deep lyrics, catchy beat. EST 4 Life!

Nice song nice lyrics

This song should be like top 6 or something...
It has awesome lyrics, chorus and meaning

27 Her Song

MGK, very versatile rapper/singer. This should be top in the top 5.

28 Hell Yeah
29 Warning Shot

This is my favorite song by him by far, and a lot of them are great.

37? Really guys? Just for how amazing Cassie in this song sounds it should be in the top ten! It's a badass song and definitely one of my favourites! This is I warning shot a-aa-aaha!

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30 Save Me

Perfect intro to "Lace Up", should be top 5!

This song is hype at 43 seconds in. the intro is so good I argue with my self about skipping it to get to the rapping. he comes in like a wild boy trying to hype up the crowd for his second album

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31 Started from the Bottom
32 Hold On

His most gangsta song

Jezzy go in on that song

33 100 Words and Running

Best song off of 100 words and running, it also showcases MGK's rapid lyrical flow.

His mixtape is called 100 words and Running, but there is an actual song called 100 words and running on it. It has an awesome flow and arguably could be his fastest paced rap

34 Been Through It All

Best MGK song ever, Easily could be #1, but I feel like people just skip over it and The Return are easily his best stuff. Since the media hyped up invincible so much it is regarded as his best song, but if you are a true fan you will know that This and The Return are his best works.

By far his best material, because it talks about real life rather than so many other rappers who talk about women, money, and drugs.

Often over looked, however the real fans know its true value.

35 Spotlight
36 At My Best

i love it

37 Wild Boy Remix
38 Champions
39 The Gunner

This should be in at least the top 10. This song is fire. - maarilynmaanson

Yes,this song should be on top 10
This song is just simply epic,it features the best lyrics any rapper could ever spit on a track
Plus piano and gunshots in the background adds more intensity to the track.
Go listen to it and I swear it won't disappoint you.

40 Black Tuxedo

Awesome song off of his Black Flag mixtape

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