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41 Lead You On

This song really talks about addiction and has a deeper meaning. Needs to be higher than lace up or stereo for sure!

I love the personification in this song, and the beat really goes along with the mood of the song. Brilliant. Helps me remember that turning to addiction is never the answer to the pains that I go through.

Best song. Helped me end the cycle of addiction

Deep deep deep

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42 All Night Long
43 Pe$o V 1 Comment
44 Merry Go Round

Amazing song by MGK from his newest album.

The most touching real mgk song out there. I get chills

This song tells dark powerful story, you can feel the emotion from Kels, killer hook too


45 Make It
46 Fantasy

I don't no why I like it many the final verse

47 Let You Go

Another perfect rock, rap, and singing combination. MGK mixes everything amazing into this song! - Spencerz2

Man I love this song...guitar is good...

"You're like my drug, but I can't get high off you."
This song is difficult to stop listening to; it's amazing. I hope that MGK continues with his rap style (because he OWNS it), but this song was just incredible.
My grandma started humming to this song the first time she heard it. His voice is just beautiful. - maarilynmaanson


48 Home Soon

Off of Black Flag, one his best songs too, awesome.

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49 Get Laced
50 D3mons

MGK's darker side really shows and is complimented perfectly by the sinister growls of DMX throughout. Both killed it on this song and it deserves more credit than it gets.

This is MGK's most unique song to date. I love the concept of the song and I love that Kells chose DMX to feature on this song; he was a perfect match.

Woah... This song is so fckin cool... It desreves a hier place

51 Gone

So deep and good. Should be at top ten

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52 Ohio (I'm From That)
53 The Pledge

How in the hell is this song so low. Top ten at least

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54 Victory Music

Gives you that great hyped free ( awesome before sports games)

55 What I Do
56 Street Dreams

Hands down THE BEST song should without a be doubt #1no song even compaires it is unrealyou people are stupid and have about as much a clue as the fans of American idol for not putting this #1 no song will EVER be on this level it is Godly

57 Runnin

This deserved the top 10!
Man what his wrong with all of you
This song is everything,catchy,upbeat and inspirational
I listened to it once and I find myself murmuring this song to myself all day!
MGK has one of the best lyrics and flow in rap music and this song proves it
Please,I'm begging anyone who made this list,put Runnin in the top 20 at least!

58 World Series V 1 Comment
59 Salute V 1 Comment
60 Hell and Back
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