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21 Steyr AUG

It is Austrian not Australian, anyway I say it is 1 of the best machine guns because it isn't just machine gun it is a assault rifle a light machine gun and an sub-machine gun on the same time it have a good rate of fire and a changeable tube which make the users be happy to use any tube, the good ammunition makes it even better (30-42 rounds) but the only problem is the low cartridge which make less assault rifle and light machine gun and more sub-machine gun

Guy's, this is an Austrian made weapon. But I got to fire Australian variant "F-88" at a firing range and absolutely fell in love with it. It's accurate, it's reliable and very deadly.

by far the best australian assault rifle, the AUG is a bullpup rifle meaning the gun is short in length and a longer barrel.

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22 Uzi

This is a great gun is has served for a long time and is used a lot great range too it has to be one of my favorite submachine guns too bad its heavy but the weight reduces recoil

I have one in hebrew markings... The best!

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23 Fokker Leimberger

I got this info from wiki so if you don't believe its not my fault. The Fokker Leimberger was the first gatling style machine, it had 12 barrels, cable of 7200 rounds per min. Believe it or not this gun was first made in Germany WW1. It was an experimental gun and if put in production it could of made Germany win the war.

24 PPSh-41

75 round clip unbeatable

25 CM901
26 MP 40

The Germans made a reliable sub-machine gun that was more accurate than anything else at the time. The sten gun didn't have great accuracy and neither did the thompson. The tommy gun did shoot a .45 but it doesn't matter if your gun is more powerful if you can't hit someone.

27 MP-5

this is the only good gun here, AK is not even a machine gun, and it sucks you like it because it is popular. ITS recoil is massive, and you have to spray and pray with it. where is M240 & M249. MP5 should be 1

The MP5 is a SMG. A good one at that. Still very popular with Special Forces and such around the world today.

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28 Negev NG7

Very light and very reliable under the most extreme conditions

29 Type 100
30 PKM
31 Kord-12.7 V 1 Comment
32 MP7

Best sub machine gun ever.


A Light Machine Gun is lighter than the M249s, versatile, the ammunition is 5.56mm caseless rounds. The gun can be epic for all of the U.S. soldiers, because the M249 is heavier, and inaccurate

LSAT is awesome

34 Ultimax 100
35 RPK
36 HK417
37 M240

This is the best machine gun one barrel, not too big, good accuracy and rate of fire, and nice design


This is a really awesome gun

39 Sten

My Sten Mark II submachine gun never lets me down! It is awesome and I've had both guys and girls tell me how much fun it is to shoot at the range.

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40 IMI Negev
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