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1 Halo Halo

A Modern Day Metal Masterpiece

Someone said that "Locust" is the "Master of Puppets" of this generation. So "Halo" is the "Holy wars" of this generation.

They should not have been instead of anthrax in the big four. They are one of the best bands ever and can't be replaced. Although, machine head can join to make the big five

If only more modern Metal songs were like this masterpiece - christangrant

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2 Locust Locust

This is the reason I started to listen to machine head! The build up is really nice. Starting slow and finishing hard!

The song that got me into Machine Head! I heard some songs before Locust but this song is what made me fall in love with them! It's song which combine the brutal and the melodic side of Machine Head with excellence

Locust was great too, but I don't even know if it's even top 10 out of Machine Head Songs. Every single song in The Blackening was much better in my opinion. Then there's also kickass songs like Davidian, Old, Imperium, just to name the most noteworthy ones. Nu metal phase aside, Unto the Locust is their worst album although still very good. Machine Head is absolutely amazing.

This song set my heavy metal soul ablaze

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3 Imperium Imperium

Wow this intro is really epic like a rest of this amazing song. Awesome vocals, riffs and solo. If you didn't know what Machine head play just listen "Imperium"!

One of the most groovy stuff in which thrash over shadowed, A real metal treat

This should be Number 1 in the list. Great riff, intro, breakdown, out to, solo, mind blowing song. It awakens devil within me.

This album was a big turning point,I've been listening to these guys siince97 first time I seen them This record pleases from beginning to end adding Phil demmell was monumental. Is it any surprise that he is a huge Randy roads fan.also if you remember at that time soloing was scarce for all bands. This song has no solo but it doesn't need it rest of the albums have great solos. Everybody likes lamb of god slip knot,etc. They are great butlets remember who was writing these nasty riffs first!

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4 Davidian Davidian

First song I heard, grabbed me by the ass and threw me against the wall. Unbeatable.

First song of first album, and it's making the earth shake! Even 15 years later, that song still rules. MH brought back the heavy metal to life after the Grunge arised, and this album summarizes why Metal is part of our life :o) "Let freedom ring with the shotgun blast! "

This song hits you right in the face! First Machine Head song I heard and it made me an instant fan. Heavy metal at it's very best!

Only #4, honestly? To me, this is the undisputed #1, and that's saying something considering how many amazing songs these guys have made. One of the most intense heavy metal tracks ever, putting them on the map in unparallelled fashion.


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5 I Am Hell (Sonata in C#) I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)

Any time a metal band writes a sonata, that's major impressive. And when it sounds epic, that's Machine Head

I didn't think Machine Head could top themselves but they did it with this track. Love the aggressive ferociousness!
Machine Head forever

One of the first songs by them I listened to. When the "I am Hell" portion of this sonata, I became an instant fan.

Woh, is the heaviest song they ever made, aweasome acoustic solo, aweasome vocals, this is all a fan need to have a great time listening Machine Head with the friends!

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6 A Farewell to Arms A Farewell to Arms

Perfect! Just perfect!
Great vocals, super melody, and awesome guitar and drums, with smooth bass
This song is what make me get into machine head

My favorite MH song! Sums up everything about MH into one fantastic album closer. But I also think 'Beautiful Mourning' should be in the top 10 and 'Now I Lay the Down' should be much higher! And 'Blood Sweat Tears' too!

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7 Aesthetics of Hate Aesthetics of Hate

One of the greatest most soulful metal solos you will ever listen to. Written from anger and you can feel it through the whole song. Best all around song on the album.

why do you think james hetfeild played this song with with them in concert? BECAUSE ITS SO UBER EPIC! I wish beautiful mourning was up nere the top as well, but this one kicks ass!

A true metal song written in disgust at the media for William Grim's BS comments about Dimebag Darrell.

This is the reason I started to listen MH. It's a metal masterpiece and it's pure soul.

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8 Now We Die Now We Die

Wonderful song, with incredibly heavy guitar work, and an epic breakdown before a really good solo. Not their best song, but it is excellent

Awesome song! Blew me away on first listen!, One of the best thrash/melodic songs that this band has put out! A masterpiece to be played for years to come! MFH ROCK!

This is hilarious, top ten?! I love this song too but not even the best song in a good but definitely not even close to one of their best albums.


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9 Old Old

Along with Davidian, Old is one of my favourite Machine Head songs. Burn My Eyes was 10 years ahead of it's time, and Old is a superb track.

90's thrash classic! Burn My Eyes is great and this song is one reason why!

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10 Clenching the Fists of Dissent Clenching the Fists of Dissent

the FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT chant is amazing, gives me goosebumps every time! aside from that the riffing is incredible, and in general, the song is just awesome.

One of the best thrash metal riffs ever written! Amazing melodic intro followed by riff after riff of brutal non-relenting metal! Whats not to love?

Perhaps the most aggresive in you face songs ever. No band has been able to give off such angry stuff as machine head and this is by far their angriest this song allows you to give up all the rage inside and deserves at least the top 5 its the best song on one of the best metal albums of all time to his viking like vocals to his fast and complex guitar

A real masterpiece! A lesson about metal given by machine head.

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? Message in a Bottle Message in a Bottle V 1 Comment
? Darkness Within Darkness Within

The buildup from the start makes this song a blend of thrash and progressive which makes it one of the best machine head songs ever created, not to forget that the song actually gets you going around the 2nd verse, this song deserves top position

21st should at least be in the top 10 it's a very good song! The acoustic version version of this is amazing as well. I can't believe its only 21st come on people!

This is my favorite song. Period. Of every band, every genre, and every piece of music that has crossed my ears, no song has every been as important to me as this one. We build cathedrals to our pain.

Not the best, but way better than Locust (just in my opinion).

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11 Sail Into the Black Sail Into the Black

All the songs on the new album are good especially this and ghosts will haunt my bones! - wolphert

Very slow at the first half then it started kicking ass

This is an awesome listening experience. Epic song!

12 Beautiful Mourning Beautiful Mourning

My favorite sound for the alarm clock! Definitely wakes you up! ;)

Why the heck is this only 12th!? So dark, it makes me happy. You actually feel like ripping yourself in half, which is what I look for in a metal song, and it is so ' HEAVY!

Great song kinda hard to play on drums but fun as can be

So much fun to play on drums! This should be in the top 10!

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13 Ten Ton Hammer Ten Ton Hammer

This deserves higher it's my favorite song on the more things change a badass song.

Heavy and badass now that's groove metal

This song rules! Best fight song ever!

14 Be Still and Know Be Still and Know

Man is it hard to pick a song, given Machine Head impressive production. But if I had to choose one, I'd go with "Be still and know" : amazing guitar work, brutal verses, pre-chorus that makes you pump your fist in the air, and chorus that burns itself in your mind like a flamethrower through butter.

The first machine head song I listened to. It will forever be one of my favourite songs

Great guitar and drums in this song. The chorus is amazing!

Amazing album and amazing song! Probably my fave from UtL, but all songs rule!

15 Now I Lay Thee Down Now I Lay Thee Down

Now I lay the down, Descend the shades of night and Halo are my faourite from this band. I absolutely love the intro to Descend the shades of night, love the chorus to Halo but love everything about this one.V. good song.

Gosh why is this on 24? ;_; don't get me wrong its no one of the best songs but I really like it, should be in the top 15 at least

There are so many Machine Head songs, but this could crack top ten. Beautiful.

Amazing song it should be number 1

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16 Slanderous Slanderous

Epic thrasher from probably the best band since Megadeth! It's nice and agro! Wolves, This is the End and Aesthetics of Hate are also pretty damn Godly

This is the ultimate Machine Head song in my opinion, great lyrics, catchy riffs awesome solos Robb Flynn slaying the vocals as always... - PsychoSandman33

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17 Descend the Shades of Night Descend the Shades of Night
18 This Is The End This Is The End

This is the most epic song I have heard in my life! Brilliant riffs solos and the chorus is just unreal. - wolphert

Great Song! Brilliant classical intro and Blistering verse/chorus EPIC!

Are you guys mad? This at 22 n darkness within at 11? Probably their 2 best songs! Have a listen to all the songs before you vote!

Machine Head's Battery. Easy top 5!

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19 Seasons Wither Seasons Wither

Badass nu metal stuff from machine head... What more can you ask for?

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20 Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones

My favourite off the new album, brilliant guitar work! - wolphert

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